Taking A Vacation To Toronto, Eh?…

For Darrell

Mister D:

Just wanted to let everyone I was taking a vacation to Toronto to finally meet one of my long time BetteHead friends, Cris. She’s originally from Brazil, but she’s in Toronto trying to get Americanized! 🙂 It’s been about 7 years coming….we’ve been friends pre-Bootleg Betty. So it will be an exciting and fun time.

And dang-a-lang Darrell (www.betteontheboards.com) moved to Newfoundland, so we’re pissed about that. I won’t be able to meet him, but I think he’s next on my list. Or maybe Katrin, whom I’ve met at my own Nashville house, in Germany….hhhmmm Or maybe I’ll scream for my new niece, Crystal from Atlanta, to come take care of me! So many people to visit, so little time. I’d love to meet everybody or anybody who’d have me (but not in that way, you dig!)

Anyway, I’ll try my best to keep up with the news like I usually do. You know I’m dedicated and will be taking my handy laptop. Maybe I’ll let Cris do the reporting in Portuguese!

  • Remember there’s fresh music in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox, the Same Songs, Other Voices Ipod (i just call it that…whatever)…and if you’re hard up I have my own playlist, too which will be changed out today…Mister D’s Playlist
  • Also, check out BootTube Betty daily for new videos. Just Click Here
  • Ms. Ula Hedwig, one of Bette’s most famous Harlettes who still works with her, has a My Space page with her own music. You should check it out! And those with My Space accounts…give her a shout out! Just Click Here
  • Don’t forget to check out current Harlette, Kamilah Marshall’s My Space site for her music. If you have an account give her a shout out! Click Here
  • And, then there’s mine, Mister D’s My Space , do what you want with this, but I’d love to hear from you: Click Here
  • Then there’s the Bette Gallery with oodles of photos. I’m always adding stuff, so don’t forget to check it out: Click Here

I guess that’s it. I feel like I’m not going to be communicating with ya’ll for some reason, but I’ll be popping in and out of here all week. Everybody have a great Hump Day, then a Great Weekend, and a Happy New Week. Whew!!!

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9 thoughts on “Taking A Vacation To Toronto, Eh?…

  1. Awwww I hope you have the best time !!!! Have fun and stay safe!! 😀
    I hope to get to see you again 🙁 5 mins at Radio City just isnt enough. Take care and enjoy every second of your little vacation!!
    love yas!!

  2. Jamie and Andy: Better not tempt me…the others will tell you I’m high maintenance!!!

    Are ya’ll gonna try to be there the last night Miss M plays??? I think a bunch of us are going to try and meet up then…

    Love, Don

    PS: Jamie…have fun seeing Bette this summer…

  3. Thanks Mister D. I sure will. And i’ll try and sneak in some camera footage for youtube, just hope I don’t get caught Lol. FOR SURE I’m gonna see Bette on her closing night…i’ll be there!!!

  4. Yes, Mister D and I have been friends way before he met fame and fortune with his divine Bootlegbetty, so I`m on top of his priorities,ok? He probably won`t be able to update anything in the coming days! LOL!

    And yes, I couldn`t resist trying to get Americanized where George Bush isn`t a president. LOL! Not to mention that if I get tired of North-American culture I can try to get Europeanized in Quebec! 🙂

    It`s a pitty that Darrell is living far from us. I really wanted to visit him,but I couldn`t because of the classes…and next week I`ll be going “into the wild”. 🙂 But I`ll be back Toronto! And the Mapple Leafs will make it too! LOL!

    Oh, God…I hope the magic won`t fade away when you meet me…and let me tell…I think I gained some weight. LOL! Ready for the booze? Ok,I`m kidding…just a pint…or two…LOL!

  5. Cris:

    I can barely fit into the clothes I’m wearing…I can NOT get any fatter while I’m there…but I’ll watch you drink yourself into a stupor….and no you won’t….the way you make Canada sound…maybe I’ll move there! 🙂

    Love, D

  6. Oh,that would be so cool! You guys could get marry here! (I`m looking at my huge belly as we speak.I think I`ll go back to Celexa! LOL).

  7. dam…”you guys could get married”…

    and I`m reading that Madonna`s brother wrote a book on his life with his sister…must be a pain…LOL!

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