I’m Back!!! Didja Miss Me???? Probably Not. F.U.

(Thanks Katrin)

Mister D:

I just got back from the land of the “loonies” (hey I can’t help what they name their money). Toronto, and absolutely loved it. I met my long time online (8 years?) friend, Cris from Brazil there, and it was all I hoped it would be. She’s beautiful as she is smart and savvy…which is stunning. And of course I was all Cris hoped I would be…but then again her expectations are quite low. But that story is for another day, for it was quite special and I’d like to talk about it.

  • First off, I fucked up my email as soon as I got back. I don’t know what happened, but if you wrote and have not heard from me…well, you won’t. LOL Unless you write again. Anything written before today is gone. Manny, I know I do owe you one, though.
  • Crystal, the answer is Portuguese!!! Now I need to talk to Katrin about dirty phrases in German.

  • One of our BetteHeads, or at least I’m calling him that, Jeff Auer, just got an article published in The Gay and Lesbian Review online about Bette and her early days in the Baths. To check it out: Click Here
  • My long time coming exclusive interview with Bette’s main comedy writer, Eric Kornfeld, has finally reached fruition and I hope to have it posted tomorrow….so make sure to check that out. It’s a “10 questions” type interview, but very interesting.
  • This next item should be a spoiler alert, but if you come to this site, it’s pretty much a spoiler alert unto itself. I’ve been informed that, if all things go accordingly, Bette will be singing “When A Man Loves A Woman” on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Friday night on the 20th of June. I know nothing about The View at this time.

That’s it. I’m very glad to be fully back. I may need a few days to acclimate, but I’m still here, dammit!

Love, Mister D

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12 thoughts on “I’m Back!!! Didja Miss Me???? Probably Not. F.U.

  1. God, I`m in a crazy hostel with japanese people I don`t even know and some crazy brazilians…I hope some kind soul will put Bette`s appearance on the internet…LOL. As soon as I get at the mountains I`ll write to you…and send the rest of the pictures…and someone in the hostel lounge just made fun of me because I type too fast…he asked me if I`m writing a novel…:-P

  2. Be Careful!!! Remember that horror movie I told you about!!! LOL Be Safe. Write Contact Info Soon!!!!

    Love, Don

  3. Hey Mr D!

    Well it’s been a while since I’ve replied on BLB. I’ve just been so busy and will be getting busy again in the next day as I will be moving house.

    This house move will be very simple as I am only moving to the apartment across the hall from where I already live, so it will kind of be like living during the days of the plague where people used to throw their dead out through the front door, well I’ll be doing the same with the contents of my apartment. But housemoving has always been unsettling for me and has always given me a bad case of the farts, no one is game enough to come in the same room with me unless they put a canary in first!

    In regards to the email you are going to send me – hold off for a few days as I will be setting up a new email address, the assholes that I normally go through don’t service the side of the building I am moving too, so I had to change providers, I’ll contact you with my new details in a few days.

    And if you wanna talk horror movies let’s talk “Hostel” & “The Hills Have Eyes”, those 2 movies have put me off backpacking through Prague and driving through the Mexican desert for the rest of my life. Not that I have done either, but it’s just made my “To Do” list a lot shorter.

    The Australian desert on the other hand doesn’t bother me as much as the only bad thing that can happen is a Dingo will run off with your new born, and I’m sure as fuck not planning on having kids so I guess all I have to worry about is waking up with a Dingo’s nose up the crack of my ass! Well either that or stumble across 3 drag queens with five days growth doing fucking ABBA drag all over the desert, no wonder the Australian Eco System is so fucked up!

    Chat to you soon when all has settled including my gas!

    Big Hugz!


  4. Hi Don!!,

    I’m happy you’re back!!, I hope you had the best time in Toronto!!!.

    I have to say that I love this version of “Color of Roses” from “Bette”, this is my favourite version of this song!!!, so simple, so touching…. just a piano a her voice…… and I’m so excited of Bette performing “When a man loves a woman” again!!!, cause her “Kiss my Brass” version of this song it’s my favourite one, I hope she will perform this song that way!!!.

    And Don, yes, I missed you.



  5. Manny: So good to hear from you….and ick, I just hate moving. In fact I don’t think I’ll move again until Barry forces me into a nursing home! 🙂 Make sure to send me your new email address.

    Eze: Thanks for missing me even though I’m never really far away. I hope Bette follows thru and sings WAMLAW…things could change, but I’m gonna think positive.

    Love, Don

  6. welcome back don and hell yes, I miss ya lots. I’m gonna tell you all the dirrty stuff you wanna know but for that you gotta get your tuchas over the pond.

  7. Hey DON!!!! welcome back mister!!!
    I missed ya, altho like you said you are never far away! 😀
    and I dont care how high maintenance you are I still wanna see you again 🙁
    well , anyway , so glad you are back safely!!
    huge hugs
    love ya

  8. Mister D!!! Welcome back, I missed ya. I’m not waiting til’ closing night to meet up with u. Lol Ya gotta come see Bette before then so we can hang out:)

  9. Jamie:

    Thank you for the kind offer to meet earlier, but just ask anybody who’s met me, I’ll bore you to death…now would you really want that???? 🙂

    Love, D

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