Testing Out: Poll Section Up

Mister D:

Just testing out this new poll system. I actually need more options for answers, but for now this will have to do. So try to play along: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Testing Out: Poll Section Up

  1. It was one of the original pics from the old Yahoo Official Bette Club when it first opened….before they just made it a message board….


  2. I liked the poll systems used in the 1st two questions. The last ones brought up a new window with the results.

  3. Yeah, I liked the first 2 myself for the same reasons, but it only lets you have 10 answers/options and I really needed about 20 for it to work….I’m still going to look around some more.

    Thanks so much for the feedback….that helps.

    Love, D

    PS: Can you get me an ad or write up a little something about your performing with The Kinsey Sicks…I think that’s awesome. Will you have a band? All that good stuff. Will you be performing as Daisy doing Bette or more….????

  4. Also the pic was taken for the movie That Old Feeling. Where a “fat” picture was taken by the photographer who eventually fell in love with bette’s daughter.

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