Bette In The YUK – You Snooze, You Lose

Updated – 3:12 PM-Saturday, Sept 20, 2008 Thanks Fiona

She is on the ‘One Show’ tomorrow evening (Monday) on BBC1 at 7pm and is on Lorraine on LK Today on Weds, she is confirmed on GMTVs website to be on between 8.25am-9.25am, have a feeling this may be pre-recorded and that she won’t be Live in the Studio though.

Updated – 3:12 PM-Saturday, Sept 20, 2008 Thanks Chaz

This is the link to the Radio 2 site- You click on Listen to the whole show again and skip about 2 hours and a half. The show started at 10 and Bette was not on until 12:30pm this is the only way to do it- although underneath it does have a listen to highlights button: Click Here

Stricty Come Dancing– Bette is on tomo show at 8pm. After this is aired it will be on this link watch again. you have to search for the show and the date- no direct link: Click Here

Updated – 1:39PM-Saturday, Sept 20, 2008 – Thanks Haley

Bette is on Strictly Come Dancing Tomorrow,
They just said, so tomorrows show starts at 8pm

Updated – 12:52PM-Saturday, Sept 20, 2008 – Thanks Chaz

Bette is def in the UK. I saw here with my own eyes! Yey! Ok it was for 2 secs but loved it!
Watch Stricty Come Damcing and the One show again on the iplayer from the BBC site.

Updated – Saturday, Sept 20, 2008 – Thanks Hayley

she said that she was deff on “Strictly Come Dancing”
Awww Bette N Bruce,
Just like the old days, LOL
Well i bet she will look stunning tonight, she always does,
I will try to get some videos and pictures from it


To keep up with Bette in the UK: Click Here

Love Mister D and The Britonians keeping us updated!

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17 thoughts on “Bette In The YUK – You Snooze, You Lose

  1. she said that she was deff on “Strictly Come Dancing”
    Awww Bette N Bruce,
    Just like the old days, LOL
    Well i bet she will look stunning tonight, she always does,
    I will try to get some videos and pictures from it 😀

    Hayley xx

  2. Bettes “best of” sales rank on is going up.. She was ranked at like 1,000+ a few days ago, but now is up 82nd overall, and 5th in Easy Listening.

    This is before she appears on Scritly, Which is bound to be a massive boost for sales, as the first ep of SCD got an audience of 9.6million at one point.

    I really hope the album gets a decent chart entry, Bette is so overlooked in the U.K

  3. Bette sang Wing Beneth My Wings, Bette sounded amazing,
    I thought she might have sang Do You Wanna Dance, keepin in line with the show, however WBMY was perfect

  4. OMG just watched Bette on Strictly. She sang Wings, and might i add, beautiully, far better than American idol. It sounded though, like a backing track in the original key she recorded it, and looked a challenge when she was signing it. She and Bruce did a little back and forth also before she sang, which was funny, especially when she said “who’s Jonathan Ross” lol. She looked great too. Similar to Parkinson in 2006, except she had wore purple shirt, and sparkly purple pants.

    Was amazing, can’t wait to see her now in october in VEGAS 😀 😀

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    That was such a GREAT performance,
    They showed a clip of Bette and Bruce from 30 years ago, it was so funny,
    Then she sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” and about half way through, some dancers came on,
    She sounded amazing and Looked DIVINE!!

    Hayley xx 😀

  6. ahh your welcome. It’s the least we can do for all your efforts at keeping us informed on your side of the pond 😀

  7. GMTV

    Well I was up early on my day off and boy was it not worth it.
    Bette didnt even seem awake in this interview. I dont think it was live but I believe someone pissed Bette off before she went to camera with one word answers and sometimes not even a smile. I hope you get to see what I mean, after watching Bette for many years this was so boring compared to other interviews but I guess/or know you cant be up and jolly 24/7.
    They mentioned the album and both films and Vegas, would have been nice to actully see the album or the cover.

    p.s If the album came out on tues in the USA- Does this mean I had it before the Americans! Wow the one and only time.

  8. Well that’s too bad. Guess she has bad days just like the rest of us….

    You got the CD before us then,,,,Yay!!!!! 🙂

    Love, D

  9. Yay! I did then. I listened to it at work but Im not meant to- screw them!

    I will search the GMTV site see if I can find the interview.


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