Bette On “GMTV”

Charlotte sent in this interview with Bette on GMTV. In order to see it: Click Here


Mister D

PS: I just watched it and that was the worst interviewer I have ever seen. Even I could do better than that. Poor Bette, she did well considering….

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22 thoughts on “Bette On “GMTV”

  1. Funny enough I tought the same, a very poor intreview.
    I know you guys dont normally see GMTV but it a high profile show and usally good. I did think Bette would be in the studio and belting out a hit like a lot of the other artist do,
    i was pleased hower that finally some did talk to Bette about the 2 movies she out in the UK at the moment as it all about the CD at the moment.

  2. What do you mean “wake up Bette”??? The interviewer had the most stupid questions I have ever seen! She beats Larry King! Bette was a darling! If I was being interviewed by this person I would tell her to show some respect and read something before talking to the people she is supposed to, cause obviously that`s what happened – she just threw a bunch of information and kept asking Bette “don`t you think?”. These kind of people encourage me to go back to journalism…yes, Don, I have news, but you`ll we both will have to wait till tomorrow. LOL!

  3. i watched it this morning and was quite disapointed with GMTV. lorraine kelly the interviewer is lovely but her accent over a video phone interview would have been quite difficult to understand. but it was good to see bette on another uk tv spot and she looked great, much better than i did at 8 30am! lorraine was also saying lovely things about bette she seemed quite excited to be talking to her, which is one thing i’ve noticed is that all the interviewers have been so happy to see bette and have her on their programmes. i just hope that shows bette how much the uk loves her!!!

  4. Hey Mr D & All!

    That Interviewer was fucked! She had no idea what to ask, clearly the interviewer should stick to presenting cup cake recipes. How was Bette’s form though, as always she carried the whole thing on her back and stood out like a typical star as always. For one minute I thought shew was going to walk off the set because she couldn’t contain her laughter, either that or bitch slap the interviewer through the camera.

    But it’s good to see that people in the U.K do love her (Bette). Maybe it should have been her U.K fan base that interviewed Bette instead, that would have been so much better.


  5. Awwwww i felt bad for Bette,
    she was like WTF!!
    Lorraine Kelly totally F**ked up that interview,
    Bette couldnt understand her at all, come to think of it neither could i,
    Can u Americans see why i NEVER watch her show, i only did this once coz Bette was on and i was so disapointed,
    got nothing else to say but that was one of the WORST British interviews ever,
    I wanna scream!!!!! I could have done a better job and i would have asked all the right questions 😀

    Hayley xx

  6. Well, I hate for that Lorraine to get all the punches….have to say the technical difficulties didn’t help anyone….

  7. Bette was so sweet…I agree, at some point she just gave straight answers and gave up! LOL! I loved when Lorraine what`s-the-faces talked about being easier for women to ger roles nowdays and Bette just said “you are delusional”. Is that how you spell it, anyways? LOL!

  8. No, I haven`t finished, but I`ll tonight, hon…and this one is much better…less ME! LOL! Have you seen My One True Friend Video again? LOL!

  9. It is sooooo cute…I haven`t either, but the other day I saw it and all of the sudden I thought “What is she saying?” and rewond (spelling anyone?LOL!) and saw it…sooooo sweet! 🙂 And I started to noticed some other things, small little visual things that have meaning if you think about her career. And the elephant! And the fact the she looks adorable! 🙂 And semiotics rule, baby! 🙂

  10. This was indeed an awful interview. I think the interviewer’s heart was in the right place, as she did seem exicted to have Bette on her show, but what mediocre questions! And I am sorry, but Bette really did look as if she was missing her nap here. I have never seen her look so disinterested in her life! It was like she was just waiting to get the hell out of there! And of course the technical difficulties did not help at all. YUK, is all I have to say.

  11. Well out of all the interviews She did in the UK that rated amoung the better as The One Show was just a waste of Bettes time too and the clip you can watch there was a bit edited from the one shown on TV and at least Miss Kelly got some info out of her like chances are that Bette may record a live CD/DVD of Vegas and that She may retire from the Spotlight after Vegas or at least slow down. I felt her time was a bit wasted in the UK and her People don’t really know what are the top rated Shows to put her on. Strictly Come Dancing was about the only top rated show she did and she should have been on at laest The Paul O’Grady Show and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (TV not Radio) and This Morning would have been a lot better than GMTV!!!
    Oh well any Bette is better than no Bette and from the Clips of her Vegas Show I am now even more excited about going to see her in November than I was before “Yipee”

  12. I felt like Bette was restraining herself from laughing because she could not understand the interviewer. Is the interviewer Irish? Bette was still articulate as always.

  13. Whatever, she had a strong accent…it got worse the more she got excited. At least you could tell she was a fan…LOL

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