Songs For The New Depression

After the debates last night (Biden won, thank you; Palin seems witchy even though I know she had them exorcised…whatever!) everybody’s emotions seem all over the place, so I thought I’d ask this question….since it seems we’re headed for a depression.

When you are feeling sad, depressed, and/or lonely, what Bette song do you listen to match whatever emotion you’re looking to confirm? Some people like to play songs that are the opposite of those feelings while some just delve into the blues until they can crawl back up to sanity again. This may be too personal of a question, but if you’d like to comment, please do….

Love, Mister D

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45 thoughts on “Songs For The New Depression

  1. The first two songs on Divine Madness always do the trick. Hearing the drums for Big Noise always makes me smile. Then I love how she goes right into Paradise (one of my favorite endings to any Bette track) and says “thank you, thank you…. bummmmm, bummmmm, bummmmm, bummmmm…” instant smiles.

    Does this make sense??

  2. Yes this makes a lot of sense to me. Paradise was one of 3 picks for me. I picked 3 that always seemed to just jerk me out of depression like and electric shock….

    1. Higher and Higher
    2. Paradise
    3. Up The Ladder To The Roof

    I think it has something to do with the energy put out in the songs as much as the lyrics. They really get your adrenaline pumping (play them loud with headphone) and of course that gets that seratonin ( a natural anti-depressant)coursing through your veins.

    Those would be my picks…


  3. “To Comfort You” makes me feel like she’s actually singing to me. When i’m really emotional,I find some sort of security in that song and especially her voice. Awww sounds like I need a hug:(

  4. I think the song that sets me in the “new depression” phase is Bette’s “I Don’t Want the Night to End”. A close second is the title tune “Some People’s Lives”. Both of them have a hauntiing lyric, with a hint of resignation and even desperation in a melancholy way (#3 would be Millworker). If anyone can “live the lyric” in a song, Bette can with those two–definitely powerful enough to set the mood, or change the mood, depending on where you’re at. Both of them are, in my opinion, timeless classics, which are right up there with songs uch as “Shiver Me Timbers” and “Hello In There”.

    When I want to be lifted out of a funk (aside from taking tramadol or vicodin–j/k) I play “Bang, You’re Dead”, or “Paradise”. Those two always put a smile on my face. –Ron

  5. Ever since I joined the Youtube generation, the song that does it for me is the live version of “Bang!! You’re Dead!!” I guess this would be a good time to say “THANK YOU” Berlindirk2. While I’ve always enjoyed that song, seeing Bette perform it live is so much better for me. I’m more of a visual person. And just between me and you, it would be even more enjoyable to watch if Youtube had a slo-mo play option especially when Bette starts to, um, shake her corset.

  6. I listen to the depressing songs. I’m a sucker for suffering. Usually when I’m feeling depressed I listen to Manilow too… he has some really depressing songs… lol. But, for my depressing Bette song, I would have to pick Shiver Me Timbers… the version from Live at Last

  7. That’s interesting Mark bringing the visual into this…going that route I would have to say “Paradise” then. Something about that performance just slays me. I even use it as one of the songs to recruit new Bette fans….LOL

  8. Good one Brandon. If I went that route I’d say I’d have to pick “Hello In There” or “Some People’s Lives” I might as well do Shiver too….that’s a mighty big hole to climb out of…. 🙂


  9. Night And Day-Oh my god, dont get me started when i hear that song, the words mean soo much to me at painfully time in my life.

    Stay with me,
    as dream go by


  10. This will brobably sound weird, but if I feel depressed I pop the For The Boys soundtrack into the CD player! I only got it a month or so ago, and it cheers me up everytime! So does Twisted, the version she sung on the Rosie O’Donnell show cracks me up! Oh and I immediately cheer up when I hear “Pretty legs”, I mean, who doesn’t?!?

  11. “Band, You’re Dead” from Live At Last is also a GREAT recruiter song (and another one of my favorite “get out of a funk” songs).

  12. For things in general (such as “what`s the meaning of life”,”what the fuck am I going to do with my life” and “who am I”?)

    I Shall Be Release
    Delta Dawn
    Is that all there is?
    You Can`t Always Get What you want/I shall be released from Divine Madness.
    Hello in there

    For break-ups (“where did I fuck up?”, “ain`t rough enough? ain`t I rich enough? ain`t I hot enough, baby?” and “am I destinated to be alone?”)

    Cradle Days
    Drinking again
    To deserve you(no, I don`t think about God when I hear this song…)

    That`s about it right now…:-)

  13. This has been interesting…hope more people respond. Maybe one week we’ll have a depression reliever jukebox theme….

  14. I believe when sad or depressed, go for it. Cry, sing and let it out. Purge yourself and start over again. If I try to fight it, it only gets worse.
    So with that in mind, I would select….

    Shiver Me Timbers (Live Version)
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want/I Shall Be Released
    To Comfort You
    Some People’s Lives
    My Mother’s Eyes
    Lullaby In Blue
    Hello In There
    Bed of Roses
    The Rose

  15. OK. I will say this first, when i am feeling smitten with someone the first thing i listen to is Arif’s radio edit remix of TO DESERVE YOU. Also, I listen to I KNOW YOU BY HEART from The Beaches soundtrack when i am crushing on someone.
    If I am feeling low and want to feel depressed and get a good cry I will listen to SOME PEOPLE’S LIVES. That song is something.
    I also listen to WIND BENEATH MY WINGS when i am feeling down. There is no other song for me when I am in that mood. No other person can put that emotion into it.
    Now , not just listening, but when it comes to the visual, as you were speaking of also, I would have to go with STAY WITH ME from Divine Madness and BROKEN BICYCLES/EVERYONES GONE TO THE MOON medley from Art or Bust. Man that tears me up every time!
    Now do YOU need a hug Mr. D??? 😀 ya know I am sending them to ya!!!

  16. I like listening to the GIFT of LOVE (some people’s lives) when I feel a little bit LOVE SICK! But i usually listen to FRIENDS because it reminds me that I have a lot of genuine friends who care about me. 🙂

    BTW, the song The Gift of Love is very popular in Manila and it is usually played in a particular radio station until now.

  17. My fave songs if Iam “in a mood” are
    When your life was low
    Shiver me timbers
    I Think its Gonna rain Today
    The Rose

    To get me out of that “mood”
    You Don’t Own Me (first wives club)
    To Deserve You
    Miss Otis Regrets

    And lots more!!

  18. I don’t need one Andy, But I WANT ONE!!!! 🙂 Don’t I sound demanding!!!

    And Ron…I think you and Andy listed an album’s worth of material!!!! 🙂

  19. I start with a vintage Midnight in Memphis, order the In My Life with a side of This Old House and finish with a nice One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.

  20. Hmmmm, that’s an interesting question 😉

    Two of the songs I listen more when I’m feeling sad is “In My Life” (which is one of my favourites!) and “Superstar”.

    “Color Of Roses” (another of my favourites), “My One True Friend”, “Shiver Me Timbers”, “Night and Day”, “The Rose”, “Hello in There” and “All I Need to Know” are my other choices.

    Ah, and of course “To Deserve You”, both the Album and the Remix version, I simply LOOVEE both, the emotion in her voice is remarkable =D

    (My first post here, yaaay!)

  21. Wow!! It’s so great to see what others listen to. I love it!!!! Ok…here’s my list:

    Depressed and need a cry:
    Bed of Roses
    Stay with Me
    Lullaby in Blue
    Shiver me Timbers

    Happy and need to belt out a song:
    This Old House
    Slow Boat to China
    Big Noise

    Thanks Don for getting us all to post our favs!!! This is a great conversation starter:)

  22. Thanks Michelle:

    This has been fun for me and quite an eye opener on some selections. Glad people are enjoying it…I didn’t think anybody would post…LOL

  23. Mr D:

    I forgot to include “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” an absolute “must have” when sad.

    However, any blues I have will soon fly away. On Tuesday I leave for LV where my partner and I will be attending Bette’s Thurday and Friday shows to celebrate my birthday. I can’t wait. I’m afraid I will max out my Visa card at the Bette Store. I’ve been waiting 18 months for this!!

  24. Mmh… Depends on what kind of depression…

    Lost love: Superstar

    Bad Day: Spring can really hang you up the most or I think it’s going to rain today

    Don’t like myself today: Surabaya Johnny, Heaven

    For every mood she made a song…

  25. Oh, I forgot one song too: “Bed of Roses”, simply divine and with a beautiful melody.

    To complete my post, my (big) list of songs to listen when you’re happy and you just want to get out of your chair and start singing and dancing:
    “In These Shoes”
    “Only in Miami”
    “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
    “In The Mood”
    “Married Men”
    “I’m Beautiful”
    “Stuff Like That There”
    “All Of a Sudden”
    “I Look Good” and “The Showgirl Must Go On” (audio from the videos downloaded from Youtube”)

  26. Ok, when I feel sad, Bette sings for me:

    “Some people’s lives”
    “I think it’s going to rain today”
    “When your life was low”
    “The Rose”
    “From a distance”
    “Am I Blue”…..

    And when I’m happy, I sing with Bette:

    “Mambo Italiano”
    “Miss Otis Regrets”
    “No Jinx”
    “Stuff like that there”
    “I’ve still got my health”
    “In the cool, cool, cool of the evening”
    “One monkey don’t stop no show”
    “Soda and a souvenir”……………..

    So many songs!!

  27. Anything from Bathhouse Betty can change my mood. “I’m Beautiful” and “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” can certainly lift my spirits, and “Laughing Matters” puts everything into perspective at the end.

  28. Hey Mr D & All!

    When I feel like shit, I always listen to “In These Shoes” then I go out shopping and feel so much better.

    It doesn’t really matter what mood I’m in to listen to a Bette album, listening to Miss M on a daily basis even if it’s just a few songs a day has been a daily routine for me since I was 13 years old. And then there are some days when I fill the c.d stacker up and can listen to her for hours at a time.

    I know “Thighs & Whispers” is always my favorite album, but trying to nail what favorite song out of her entire catalog would be as frustrating as trying to fit an oyster into the coin slot of a parking meter!

    Big Hugz!


  29. Manny…

    you come up with some of the most interesting sayings. You should write for Bette, too…

    Love. D

  30. Hey Mr D!

    It’s funny you say that, a lot of my friends have said I should do the same thing. In all honesty though, I know I have a real potty mouth and I think that some of the things I say would even gross out Miss M. I have a terrible habit of speaking my mind, no matter where or whom I’m with and it really gets me into a lot of trouble. But on the upside, at least I know I go to bed every night with a clear conscious because I know that I’ve told people the truth, what I think of a situation, and not kept anything bottled up inside, well at least with the exception of a huge fart, I like to let that sucker rip when I’m around a group of people so I can blame the person standing next to me – always a crowd favorite!


  31. wow, reading all these comments, i don’t think i can possibly add anything.

    but i must say, i’m so excited to have learned that rosie and bette did “twisted” together! i had no idea! i just watched it and it’s such a fun video! thanks!

  32. I LOVE “Bang, You’re Dead”, “Hello In There”, Shiver Me Timbers”, “That’s How Love Moves”, “To Deserve You”, “The Rose”, and “One For My Baby”. and of course all the others, but those are the ones i listen to most. for all my different moods. I just LOVE Bette!!!

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