WTF? Another Beast Of Burden Video….And Very Strange
(Katrin Found This One)

This came straight from Katrin’s mouth and explains quite a lot:

I did a lil research on that video. This video is from a German tv show named “Bananas” which was shown on ARD (broadcast) from 1981-1984. Bananas kind of a comedy show, where bands and singers performed their songs in funny outfits and weird wigs. So, thank God… the hair and outfit aren’t serious.

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13 thoughts on “WTF? Another Beast Of Burden Video….And Very Strange
(Katrin Found This One)

  1. Very strange indeed! But it’s great to see newly discovered Bette things.
    You think Amy Winehouse got her fashion ideas from this Video? LOL!

  2. ewwwww Katrin, where’d you find this bit o’ nasty…? Eeek, Miss M ought to be more embarrassed by this then her recording of “My Knight in Black Leather” this is like an 80’s worst moment – Vickie Edie with a mullet directed by a Kubrick wannabe: “Edie Wide Shut!”

  3. Hey,
    this is totally unrelated to the video but…
    That crossword on “Bette on the boards” is difficult,
    i filled in most of it but i dont know 5 of the answers 🙁
    can anyone plaese try and do it and let me know,
    i think i did well but im upset i didnt finish it 🙁

    Hayley xx

  4. BTW
    i like the video,
    there she is again with the crazy hair, and clothes
    (too formal for the song if you ask me LOL)

    Hayley xx

  5. I’m starting to think Amy must have seen this video and the other one one too many times. Looks like her style.

  6. Hey Mr D & All!

    This actually looks like a rehearsal video, before going back to the drawing boards and re doing what we saw with Mick Jagger.

    Most artists always film several clips for the same song but only one of them gets out. Also bearing in mind that this was done at a time when making film clips was very new as MTV and only just hit television, so it was only natural for people to experiment with what they envisioned the finished product to look like.

    To be honest, I don’t think this clip was ever meant to see the light of day. Another artist who films several versions of film clips is Prince. KISS have also been known to do the same thing as with David Bowie.

    Hope this helps


  7. Manny: It looked to me like a video released for the German audience…it had that vibe to it, but it just didn’t work. But of course, your idea makes a lot of sense. Maybe this is why she made that call to Mick Jagger….

  8. amy winehouse hairstyle indeed! well, bette has always been ahead of her time. and she’s sexy in this video 🙂

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