Something To Think About: The Diva Las Vegas Import

Mister D:

Sara, Queen of the Divine Dutchies is keeping it real for us Americans. So far Amazon USA has not released the technical details of the CD/DVD disc. So keep this forefront in your mind. However, just having the CD is worth it to me:

Be careful, this is an UK release, which means chances are that it is a Region 2, PAL release. If your US player is region locked to region 1, NTSC, it won’t play. The 1996 DVD release of Diva Las Vegas was region locked to regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (i.e. everything but the US).
No worries however, most DVD players are easy to make region free (just google the name of your dvd player + region free)”¦.

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4 thoughts on “Something To Think About: The Diva Las Vegas Import

  1. Nah, you can always change the region, don`t worry. People over there have more important things to think about. Such as the election(?). HA, I couldn`t control myself, sorry hon…LOL!

  2. Yes, all DVD players can be made region free, however, there are two methods in use. One uses an infrared remote control (that only some stores have), the other you can do yourself at home. Just check before you order 😉


    Product Description
    2008 two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0 DVD) pressing of this concert performance from the multi-talented diva, part of the popular Sight & Sound series. One of today’s true superstars, Midler takes center stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Her smash concert extravaganza is an electrifying mix of music, comedy and spectacle that toured before sold out audiences in the USA. It features glitzy sets and outlandish costumes, a sizzling band called the Sexy Harlettes and Delores Delago. Packaged together for the first time this CD and DVD set sees the multi award winning Miss Midler perform her greatest hits and much more! Sight & Sound.

    Informal term meaning “worldwide”. Region 0 is not an official setting; discs that bear the region 0 symbol either have no flag set or have region 1–6 flags set.

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