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4 thoughts on “Hayley’s Find

  1. well i dont think she seemed like her normal self actually, but her face lit up when she was talking about Sophie, I think Sophie has helped Bette more than anyone realises 😀

  2. Tks Hayley! I agree with you too…I just think she was being soooo down-to-earth. Funny,cause if you compare her interviews for
    American tv and talk shows and her interviews for European media(and we saw a few recently) you get the feeling she doesn`t feel the need to be funny and act more like her stage persona all the time, don`t you find? I love when I see those kind of interviews…

  3. I agree….I love her European interviews so much more. The interviews just sound so much more honest for lack of a better word. However, I’m not quite sure why that is.

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