The “Pocket Closet” iPhone Application – Wardrobe Management

Mister D: A friend of mine created this iPhone app and it blew me away, so I thought I’d share it with you ladies and germs. I know selecting what I want to wear and when will become so much easier…like, OMG, what will I wear to my next Vegas outing to make all the other BetteHeads wish they were DeadHeads! Look it up! Anywho, hope those with iPhones find this fun!

Pocket Closet is a wardrobe management program that runs on your iPhone or your iPod Touch. You enter in your individual clothing and accessory items, take pictures of them, name and categorize them.

With all the contents of your closets, drawers, and jewelry boxes entered in, group your items into outfits.

For example, a top, jeans, and shoes could make up an outfit. Categorize outfits by their intended use ”“ work, date, casual, formal, etc. At this point you’ve got a record of your wardrobe right in your pocket.

So now what? Pocket Closet has a built-in calendar that remembers what you wore when, or let’s you plan what you’ll wear in the future. Simply tap on a date, choose your outfit and never wonder again, “When was the last time I wore that shirt?” And you can also easily search through your wardrobe. Quickly find out every time you’ve worn an item of clothing, a particular outfit, or every outfit that includes your favorite shirt.

A fun feature is “Suggest Outfit”. Enter what type of outfit you want and give the phone a quick shake. The screen spins like a slot machine and stops on an outfit that the app picks for you.

Ah, but there’s more. What good is a wardrobe that you can’t show off? Pick an outfit and email it to a friend to show what fine taste you have.

And the price for all this wardrobe management magic? Just 99¢ from the iTunes App Store. Who says you can’t get a lot in a small package?

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Our people developed the LocalEats iPhone app, which made the iTunes Store’s Top 10 most popular apps list.

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6 thoughts on “The “Pocket Closet” iPhone Application – Wardrobe Management

  1. In the end, I think using is still much easier, gives you more functionality and allows all of my friends that don’t have an iphone to use this type of service.

    1. This was made for the iPhone. Thank God I don’t need anything to tell me how to dress….I’m a slug…

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