The YUK Like Bette Better Than US (Just A li’l Play On Words)

Bette was on the One show on the BBC. Watch again at Jackpot has gone platinum here and they gave her presents which is great as it highlights that england loves her. Merry Xmas. Chaz.x

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9 thoughts on “The YUK Like Bette Better Than US (Just A li’l Play On Words)

  1. It was amazing, its On YT thanks to Jess, i will be posting all the bits that Bette was on as soon as, coz you can’t view it on the site yet, it was amazing 🙂

  2. It’s up on iplayer and if the uk peeps have virgin media they can get it ‘catch up on demand’! it’s an ok interview, the interviewer is totally in love with bette lol One really funny moment which i wont spoil but…… ‘Dont tayz me bro!’ lol


  3. Plus why was bette on this, there was no warning! lol i even watched the friday show and still there was no warning of Bette being on. Luckily all my friends know how much i love bette and had 6 of them text me to tell me she was on it! lol Pure luck they had that channel on! Thought they would have mentioned the radio show on xmas day but they didn’t.

  4. We do love her more, like I’ve said before!! The Best Bette is Currently at #27 10 weeks after it peaked at #6. Also spending 4 weeks in the top 10. The funny thing is, it is probably selling just as many copies at #27 as it was at #6 weeks ago. Simply because off the Holiday season and sales go through the roof!!

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