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A Request From Miss Mary

Hi Fellow BetteHeads,

I find myself in a bit of a quandary, so Don was kind enough to let me ask my extended family for help. I was good girl this year and Santa rewarded me with a bonanza of iTune gift cards. I found out I need some medical torture for the next few months and severely need to get some new tunes on the old IPOD. Here’s where you come in, I’m asking people to recommend artists, songs, etc… Music is my lifeline and I need to be getting in motion quick so I need you to help me find some new or rememberable old favorites. I like everything from Bette to Bluegrass and Bach to Beyonce’. I need rev me up to get me going music all the way to slow me down and make me sleepy. So…do me a favor and send me some of your favs! You can hit me up on facebook (Mary Russell) or e-mail me at

Wishing all an Awesome 2009…..BetteHeads are the best,



PS: This is from Mister D. and I can’t say more than Mary will let me, but her procedure is much more concerning than she is letting on, so please feel free to open up with all types of favorites. No choice is bad here. Just a girl looking for some music her Bette peers enjoy! Thank you so much! And write her…she won’t bite unless you say bad things about me!!!!! LOL

Love, Mister D

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19 thoughts on “A Request From Miss Mary

  1. is my lifeline too. Of course I love everything with Bette but I do have some other favs too. I have to recommend Celine Dion. I Surrender (this song used to make me cry) and if you want some upbeat songs, I would recommend I’m Alive and I Wish. I’m a rocker chick so I like Nickelback’s, Something In Your Mouth (its kind of a dirty song but I still like it) and Animals. I love System of a Down too. They have weird rock music but its very catchy. Anyways thats all I have for now. Hope that helped.

  2. Well, PINK’s new cd “funhouse” is amazing, Britney Spears’ cd “Circus” is amazing, and Christina Aguilera’s new cd “Keeps getting better: a Decade of hits” is REALLY amazing. (noticing a pattern? lol) I love my music too, and i’m quick to tell if i don’t like something or some song. But all of these cds range from great ballads to up beat dance songs that’ll at least make “feel like dancing…” lol I know this comment is uber long, but i hope it helps! 🙂 Get better soon. Is that right? I don’t know. Live long and prosper. haha.

  3. Haye Carll – She Left Me For Jesus – Country track
    Glen Campbell – Sing, Sing, Sing – Country track
    Glen Campbell – Grow Old Along Witn Me – Country Track
    Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love – pop track
    Ben Folds/Regina Spektor – You Don’t Know Me – pop track
    Natalie Cole – If I Should I Ever Lose This Heaven – pop track
    Adele – Chasing Pavements – pop track
    The Killer – Human – Pop track

  4. I highly recommend Neko Case (Fox Confessor…). Amazing, talented singer… you’ll thank me. I also love Seal, Sarah McLachlan.

    My highest recommendation though is Devotchka. I recently discovered this artist. His voice is so smooth and it swells and well, it’s just beautiful. The album “How It Ends” is one of my most played albums on my Itunes (besides Bette of course).

    Good luck with everything!

  5. specific songs….hmmmm…
    Christina Aguilera:
    “I turn to you”, “Come on over”, “Candyman”, “Hurt”, “Genie in a bottle”, “What a girl wants.”
    Britney Spears:
    “Womanizer!!!”, “Circus”, “If you seek amy” (the best subliminal message song EVER!!), “Out from under”.
    “Sober”, “So What”, “I don’t believe you”, “Funhouse”, “Bad influence”, “Mean”, “Please don’t leave me”. “Glitter in the air” and “Crystal ball” are my two fav ballads.
    Hope that narrows it down a little. Those are my favorites! 🙂 Get Better Soon Mary!!! Love from the Bette Heads! Happy New Year Peeps!

  6. Hey Fellow Betteheads..You Rock!! The Divine One should swell with pride over the generosity of effort and time you all are sharing with a BLB Buddy. Your Love, sharing and support are more than I could ever have anticpated… what a great family she introduced me to… Thanks Mr. D.for a place where I could reach out …I’m gonna’ have the bestest IPOD playlists in world..sure hope the docs don’t expect me to take the headphones off too often.
    Love ya’

  7. My turn to chime in…
    For lyrics to knock your socks off, my other “girl” Ms.”Sweeta” Anita Baker – LOVE her.
    Then you have his Royal Badness – Prince (the man can JAM like nobody’s business), the ever so cool Joss Stone.
    Take a listen to Queen Latyifa (s/p), she’s got a beautiful voice as does Jill Scott.
    Philly’s own – John Legend (talk about soulful lyrics)
    The ageless – Bonnie Raitt and Etta James (got a chance to see Ms. James in April and she’s still got “it”), and Van Morrison.
    I totall agree w/Molly on Christina Aguilera.
    Newer bands would include – Coleplay, Lifehouse, The Dave Mathews Band, Pearl Jam (yes, I do cross over into rock every now & then)and the bombshells Pink & Beyonce! Did I mention Pink is from my neighborhood?? Usher and the new guy Ne-yo (again s/p??) love their songs.
    Anyhoots, good luck with whatever your “quandry” might be and be sure to report back to us 😉

  8. One last thought:
    If you want to download a comedian that will put a smile on your face every time, try John Pinette.
    This guy is a laugh-riot!!
    I’ve seen him numerous times, met him once in NYC and he never fails to make you laugh until you cry 😉

  9. Mary,

    I’m sure you have plenty by now, but here’ what I have on the ipod.

    Patty Griffin-“Mary’
    I can’t remember who sings this-“Little Boxes”
    Van Morrison-anything, my favs-“These are the Days”, “Brown eyed girl”
    Fleetwood Mac-anything.

    And everything Bette!!!! Duh…..

  10. Hmmm… besides Bette and Manilow…

    I’d have to say check out Nellie McKay’s album “Get Away From Me,” I saw her on Conan a few years ago and was drawn to her right away… she has a different style of singing and plays the piano. I think the album was critically acclaimed, but it seems that a lot of people don’t know about it or about her.

  11. Hey Mary and HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL,
    here are some of my fav artists:


    Antony & the Johnsons
    Leonard Cohen
    Martha Wainwright
    Regina Spector
    Katey Sagal
    Tracey Chapman
    Damien Rice
    Janis Joplin
    Nina Simon
    Eric Clapton
    Loretta Lynn
    Emmylou Harris
    Patty Griffin
    Tim Curry
    Simon & Garfunkel

    I also love many of the “newer” ones like
    Katie Perry
    Gabriela Cilmi
    Amy MacDonald

    and all the DIVAS
    Celine, Elton, Diana, Tina …

    I could go on like forever. Hope that helps and good luck with everything!

  12. Thanks so very much! I’m having a blast loading up the Ipod! You guys are all so thoughtful, you’re inspiring me just by your responses. Its like I’m taking little snippets of BetteHead Love along for treatments with me!!! Thanks soo Much

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