Happy New Year 2009!

Mister D: I added “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” to the playlist….this will be deleted tomorrow, the explosions are driving me nuts…I know, I know…it’s debatable

Thank you ladies and germs for another great year. I thought I’d be closing this place down long ago, but here we are going strong on our 7th year with publishings almost daily. No other website has been able to do that and stay sane….uh oh!!!! Oh well, you can’t have it all!!!! 🙂 Love you all and thanks for all the joy you bring me.

Love, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2009!

  1. Hey bro,

    Happy end of 2008 to you too! Man what a year. Anyway, glad you are still going strong. Glad you are still doing the site. And you seem sane to me … but then that’s a whole other issue. Love you. Miss Victoria has been home for the holidays with fiance in tow. Very nice couple. She graduates in May. Can you believe it? The are getting hitched in June.

    Take care of your ownself


  2. What a crazy year it has been. Tks so much for keeping this site up and running, it is fun for all of us. You keep telling yourself that you remain “sane” and we’ll keep believing it!
    Have a happy and healthy 2009!!

  3. Oy Miss Jane…how the time flies. I can’t believe Miss V is getting married. Congrats. Please keep in touch..

    Love, D

  4. Happy New Year Don! Thanks for all you do. Hope 2009 is a great year for you. I’ll be glad to see the end of 2008..best wishes.

  5. hey mr d
    know you work really hard keeping this divine web site going
    well done and big thanks from your international bette fans

  6. All the webmasters deserve a round of applause. We all bring our on little brand of sumpin sumpin….you can tell the ones who love it and who love you in return. Thanks for the kind words….here’s to a better year!

  7. Hey Don! 🙂
    Happy New Year! and thanks for all u do bout the site:)u’ve done a great job this year, everyday news and everything :)annndd hope that u can help me bout my site next year… 🙂 (i’ll write u a letter bout this)
    so once again, happy new year 😀
    best wishes 🙂 take care 😛
    – Norbi

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