Back In The U.K. U.K.

I just found out Bette will be heading back to the United Kingdom in a week or so to appear on Dancing On Ice once again. So all you Yukkies, please be looking for our fave diva and take really good care of her……

Love, Mister D

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20 thoughts on “Back In The U.K. U.K.

  1. WOOOO, i wonder why she has such a big thing bout the UK, I wonder if she will be going on the one show again for the 3rd time lol. Well dancing on ice is gonna be great, its better than the shoe she was on last time, “strictl come dancing”, I should get my ass down to london and see if i can spot her LOL

  2. I asked what shows and the only one brought up was the Ice show, but you never know. She’s still here in the states…like i said…she’ll be over there in a week or so….

  3. hmm, well i hope she isnt singing Wind Beneath My wings again, i do love the song but after the recent poll, i think she should sing something else LOL besides she sang that on the other show, im actually excited now, :), i wonder what her reason is for coming over this time, last time it was the CD, any ideas?

  4. omg wow amazing!! Bette must really love us YUKKERS!! She should definately be offered an audience with… Bette Midler!! That would be amazing… of course her touring the UK would be much better 😛

  5. Thank you thank you!!!!
    Really hope Bette’s PR team gets behind her a bit more this time, so many good chat shows back on TV now, Johnath Ross,This Morning,Loose Women,Alan Tischmarch,The One Show, Please keep us updated on the Return Of The Divine One

  6. Yeah I know what you mean. I’m wondering if maybe she might be going over there since her record did so well there. I didn’t think to ask why.

  7. I was talkin with my mum today, and she made me smile. I said “hey Bette’s comin over again, to be on Dancing on Ice”. and She said “OOOO that’ll be good!!” Then i said “I wonder what she’s promoting, she hasn’t got any new albums or film”. Then my mum said: “She doesn’t need to promote anything, she’s well known, and it will be a privilage to have her on”. That coming from a non fan!! i was so happy afterwards. My mum has been graet about Bette ever since we saw her in VEGAS lol. and i agree with Hayley, i too hope she doesn’t sing wings, it’s my favourite song in the entire world, but she’s known for so much more!!

  8. I think that’s the first thing she should do is a mini European tour after Vegas. She obviously sees how much you guys love her by now…and after Vegas would be the perfect time….

  9. Mr. D:

    You said: “I think that’s the first thing she should do is a mini European tour after Vegas.”

    Does that mean that Bette’s people are already thinking about leaving Vegas?!


  10. I’m so jealous of you guys!!! Why doesn’t she take a trip to Germany? Last time we saw her on German Television was in 1998.

  11. I meant whenever their Vegas contract actually expires…which I know for now is at the end of 2009 if she’s meeting her quota 200 shows.

  12. im soooooooo exited i mean soooooooooooooooo exited i have sky+ and i recoreded everything she was on it was lucky realy we got it the saterday she was on the radio and that was the day i went to see then she found me at the cinema

  13. The Album is still in the top 40 over here!! 17 weeks after being released, can’t believe how well its done!! Maybe it will go back in the Top 10 again with some promotion!!

  14. Her CD is still advertised over here everyday, its amazing, i dont think i have seen a CD advertised so much in my life EVER!!!!!!!, she is well loved over here ya’ll, maybe we’ll steal her 😛
    and whilst i am writing this, the Dancing On Ice show just said that Bette will Be On their Show next sunday! so sunday the 8th Feb 🙂 🙂

  15. Hey all just watched Dancing on Ice and it is confirmed Bette will be appearing on the show next Sunday 8th Feb!!! omg soo excited! The presenter Philip Schofield announced it at the end of the show!!! YEAH!!! when you find out what else she will be on please let us know! I am trying to get tickets so I can go down to London to see her! Thanks again for all the updates!! much love to you Don.
    Colette xxxx

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