And The Song Bette Sang Was….

FROM A DISTANCE on Dancing On Ice. Many surmised it would be Wind Beneath My Wings, but they were wrong….nannanananananananananananaa I’d just like to thank Carina for writing in to let us know.

Love, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “And The Song Bette Sang Was….

  1. She sang amazing!! and looked beautiful! If i’m not mistaken she wore the black sparkly dress from Showgirl 😀 and it was the same arrangement as well :DD

  2. Yes, I would like to hear something like that as well, since people always tend to think that she’s going to sing a ballad. She’s much,much more than that as we already know….

  3. It was amazing, and at lunchtime she was so funny on the radio, having to stop herself from swearing LOL, so she used her favourite alternative word “Frickin” (or how ever you guys spell it) and as i said before she did mention Aaron and the film The Rose, but im most excited about her being on Loose Women for the WHOLE show on tuesday!!!, i hope she keeps up with the news, coz thats all they talk about on that show. And they do love to gossip 😀

  4. Ahh I can go to bed a happy man tonight, after my night of magic with the Divine Bette.
    Bette looked amazing and the song was sung really lovely, I kninda thought she was gonna sing Do You Wanna Dance,The Rose mybe?
    Also thought Bette might have sang two songs as Take That and a few other guest normally do.
    My guess was Bette was going to the Bafta’s staight after singing on Ice? Mybe??

  5. Hey guys,

    They have pictures of Bette on Dancing on Ice on Rex Features. com.

    Just a heads up =]

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