Updates: 02-25-09

I’ve loaded up new music in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox a little early. I will be taking off part of Thursday and Friday for hospital stuff (nothing serious). I should hopefully have a new Ray Cooper story up either late Friday night or early Saturday morn. Also, make sure to place your Bettes in the Bette Polls. I want to see more participators, dammit!

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3 thoughts on “Updates: 02-25-09

  1. I remember!
    And I love you … I love you very much! lol
    That red hair is amazing!
    I like what it looks like Bette°°°

    Bless you Mister D

    Love from México!
    kises and hugs

  2. Thank you so much for putting new music in the jukebox! (it makes my work day go by so much faster.)
    Keep up the GREAT job on this FANTASTIC site. I’ve been a visitor since the first leg of KMB!! Have a great day.

    ~ AA

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