Weekend Summary – 03-02-09

  • A brand new poll is up and ready to be voted on: Click Here
  • One of my biggest helper elves, Katrin, had a birthday Sunday, so a belated Happy Birthday to her. I believe she’s older than dirt now….oh my my, NO!….that’s me. She’s still a blushing beauty.
  • Before the weekend, I had put up music in all the right places….should give you several hours of entertainment….from Mister D’s playlist to Bette karaoke to Same Songs, Other Voices to the Bootleg Betty Jukebox.
  • Also, and I always forget, but Mary reminded me, Barry and I celebrated our 28th anniversary yesterday. Take that all you heteros!!! LOL Actually, we both forgot our own annivesary for the 28th time….well, we’re both men and we don’t think about those things. I remember telling Bette about how we always forget and she just put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes up in her head. Told me I better straigten up!!! LOL Sorry Miss M…I think it’s too late to reprogram.
  • If you haven’t read Ray Cooper’s latest story, now’s a great time to do it: Click Here
  • Also, if you haven’t done so yet, please drop Mary a line of support, hope, advice, whatever you’re comfortable with. You can read about her story: Click Here
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