It was mid-January 2000 and I heard that Bette would be doing a TV series in the fall, but I did know much more, like what would it be called, but I did know that it would be on CBS.

In February I would be heading to the 42nd. Grammy Awards in LA and I called the Bette people to see if Bette would be at the Grammy’s and found out that she would not be there.

I had sent a few items out to them (a thank you card and some photos of Bette and me) and when I was speaking to them about the Grammy’s they said that they would send me something to have from Bette.

A few days later I received Bette’s framed invitation to Clive Davis & Arista Records pre-Grammy celebration that Bette would not be using this year (2000).

This is that invitation and a thank you note about the items I had sent them.

This year at the Grammy’s, Rosie O’Donnell would be host (6 degrees of??) and I thought it was funny being that I would be seeing her at Hulaween in October hosting the auction for the last time.

This is a photo of me at the Grammy’s 2000.

By June I found out what the name of Bette’s series would be and it would be called “BETTE”, duh!

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3 thoughts on “A Fan’s Perspective: “BETTE”, THE TV SERIES-HOLLYWOOD SQUARES

  1. Mr. D,
    As you well remember Mama Rose and I went to tapings every time they had them. I would come back and let the club in on what the show was. (God those were looong ass days). The reason Bette didn’t like doing the shows is because it was obvious that Hollyweird TV could not deal with some one who KNOWS comedy. The wrote atrocious lines for her that made her feel uncomfrotable, they (the suits) treated like a child (I know it works for the children in LALA Land but real entertainers don’t like it), and they never had a clear direction for the show. Bette was brilliant, tapes were long, and the best stuff came when Bruce came in to do a little bit of clean up. Ah days gone by. Thanks for the mammories

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