Calling All BetteHeads: Mary Needs Your Support

Hey guys and gals! You remember Mary from a while back. Well she is back in the hospital, in a lot of pain, and she could just use words of support and/or the company of BetteHeads. Ya’ll have been fabulous in the past, so you can be fabulous now. She has to stay there this time until Tuesday, so it’s a long stretch.

She’s looking for hello’s, jokes, links, anything to keep her mind busy… can leave these here as comments or email her at: Click Here

Get Better Mary!!! We Love You!!!

PS: Please do not post anything on Facebook!

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One thought on “Calling All BetteHeads: Mary Needs Your Support

  1. Get well soon mary, you can pull through you have to for your family and frinds and all us Betteheads who love you 😀

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