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Rachel Ray Download (Thanks Mihai) And Stuff….

Mister D: Mihai uploaded the Rachel Ray show on megaupload so everybody could download the show. This way you can have your own copy and not worry about You Tube deleting it. The link is below:

Somehow I got some food poisoning so I probably won’t be on much today. Also I leave for a mini vaykay in Florida tomorrow and will be back Monday. I have my computer with me so if anything fabulous happens with Bette I’ll let you know. It may not be as quick as usual, but then again, I’m not a robot. xx oo

Have a divine weekend and I’ll be talking to you anyway I’m sure….

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Rachel Ray Download (Thanks Mihai) And Stuff….

  1. Hey,

    Loved the interview! I’ve been uploading to youtube, but it’s so strict that i’m having to cut out most of the stuff i have! would anyone have any objections if i just put it up on megaload! then at least you would see the whole piece i’m uploading and you can download and keep it. btw if anyone is wanting a copy of my bette stuff (don if you wouldn’t mind giving my email address!) i will be happy to send it out! I have 100’s of video tapes! Unbelievable amount of bette stuff!


    1. Hey Nicola….the megavideo thing sounds great. Think a little before you have me give out your email address….that can be quite demanding, but if you really want to I’ll do it or come up with something special page to feature your announcement. Maybe you could come up with a separate email address for the video requests….I’ll write you when I get to Florida tomorrow….

  2. Hey don,

    I was actually just thinking about a separate email address. But anyway, i’ll speak to you tomorrow as i’m shattered right now!

    night night


  3. So funny Im just trying to download it i managed to watch it without downloading but i want it on my Comp lol

  4. Thank you so much!! I worked a seminar all day and it completely slipped my mind!

    I’m going away for the weekend but I can’t wait to download it when I get back. Sorry you’re not feeling well 🙁 Hope it gets better soon!!

  5. It would be great if you could uploaded it to megaupload. I dont think you have to give out your email address. You can just give Don the links, and when he has the time he will put them up on the blog.

    Thanks to both of you Nicola and Mr D 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for uploading this program. If you can always do this for Miss M’s TV appearances, it will be heaven.

    Marcos Valenca.
    Recife – PE – Brazil.

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