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Is Katy Perry Stealing From Bette? (Thanks Charlotte)

Either Katie Perry is paying homage to, stealing, clueless, or has a vindictive little fairy dressing her and giving her ideas, but take a look at these photos. Click Here

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Is Katy Perry Stealing From Bette? (Thanks Charlotte)

  1. It’s a cute outfit and the oyster coming down is cute too. I’m doubting when they came up with the idea they even though of Bette having done it.

    My main complaint: flats?!? That second shot with her back turned – her butt would look 10x better if her stems were in some glittery heels!

  2. Looks EERILY like “Clams on a Half Shell,” but as the event was ocean-themed, I’m not completely convinced that it was a rip off. It would be a completely different story if Ms. Perry decided to don a fishtail all on her own…

  3. Myyyy, myyyy…isn’t pop culture a bore nowdays? Bette started it…the rest is just one copy after anothers…or should I say a “reference” or an “influence”? I don’t give a fuck if she kissed a girl and liked it…Let’s get back to Leonard Cohen, shall we? LOL!

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