Facebook And You!

Please join me in welcoming Bruce Vilanch to Facebook by joining my Facebook page in honor of him. All you have to do is Click Here And Become A Fan

And if you haven’t done so already, please Become A Fan of Bootleg Betty on Facebook so that I can get my Bootleg Betty URL on that site as well to keep my sites consistent. I’d really appreciate after 7 years of hard work. Just Click Here And Become A Fan.

I can not thank those people who have already participated enough, and I know there are more to come. Surely we have more Facebook users on this site. Anyway, thanks in advance. XX

Love, Mister D

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One thought on “Facebook And You!

  1. Hey honey!
    Since I don’t facebook, could you ask Bruce to promote my People’s AllStar votes? I am sure he’s got a crazy network that would be happy to vote for Philly’s Ms M 😉

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