New Music Up: Mister D Playlist & Bette Karaoke (Thanks Eze)

  • I’ve changed out music in the Mister D playlist. Probably the most interesting find is Duffy singing “Stay With Me, Baby.” Not as bad as I thought it would be. To hear the playlist for this month: CLICK HERE For some reason the artists’ names are not coming up…until I get that figured out, feel free to write me if you’d like to know who sings what.
  • Also EZE sent about 7 new Bette karaoke songs for you to sing your little hearts out to. You’ll know the ones that he has sent…they are in all caps. So many thanks to Mr. Eze for his contributions to this section. If anybody else runs into anything else, please send them in. Click Here

That’s all for now….

Love, Mister D

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