Happy Birthday Mister D

Mister D: Katrin from Germany gathered a community of Betteheads to celebrate my birthday on video and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful presents I have ever received. Yes, I started crying as soon as it started playing. Wait til I show it to my mother and we’ll be crying in harmony. Thanks to all who participated in it and to those who couldn’t (I know how that can be sometimes) Anyway, whenever I feel down about myself, I now have something I can look at to lift me up. Thank you all so much again. I love you all very much.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mister D

  1. Oh my, what a sweet sweet video! 😀

    It has been complicated for me to come here, and I didn’t know that this video was being made…if I knew (and if I could, of course xD), I would have sent you a message from this young Portuguese fan, that simply loves this site and everything you have done and you are, especially your patience, kindness and efforts to make all of us BetteHeads happy 😉 Happy birthday, Mr. D!

    Congratulations for the video, it is really amazing, cute, and again very very sweet 🙂

    1. Alot of people didn’t make it on there so don’t feel bad. Thank you for being touched though. I thought it was a great video and most of all thank you for the kind words and the nice birthday wishes.

      Love, Mister D

  2. Aww, that video was great! Happy belated birthday! I very much appreciate all of your work, too.

    And Stephen Cramer…my my, is he single? 😉

  3. Happy Birthday again Don. I wasn’t able to contribute so very much (not having the right techno-equipment and all for video/audio work), but I hope you had a great birthday and that I helped make you happy on your special day.

    Cheers, Michael

    1. Michael, don’t be silly. Not everyone could be in that video. One happy birthday is just fine and even none is all right, especially if you don’t like me…LOL Don’t be so hard on yourself….you remind me of me….chin up!

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