I Just Want To Thank You!

I don’t know what happened, but I wrote this long, beautiful thank you to all of you for participating in my birthday, and now it’s not here. My mother is visiting so something tells me it got deleted by accident. Yes, I shall keep my cool. It’s all about keeping your cool these days. Well, I’ll never be able to recreate what I wrote, but I’ll try my best.

First, I’d like to thank Katrin for the most awesome tribute video I have ever seen and for a person that didn’t even deserve one, oh my. I just was not prepared for that. Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in that….I’m sure it was a somewhat tedious affair on everybody’s part, but mostly Katrin, whom I can’t thank enough. That takes dedication and persistence to get that many people together and in sync. So Brava!!! You did awesome, girl. I was a sobbing baby right in front of my mom and dad. Of course, my mom started crying and then my dad started screaming Jesus Christ to keep himself from crying. That’s just how it goes in my family. So dysfunctional ya know.

Also I would like to thank the Facebook crowd. It was like the heaven’s opened up and smiled upon me yesterday because it was just non-stop. Even ex-Harlette, Rhae Ann asked me, does this happen every year at your birthday and I said “No!” I didn’t know what was going on. I was a good thing I had my party early because I was thanking everybody for my birthday wishes. And I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. From dawn to dusk you paid your repsects to me and the least I could do was to pay them right back. I know you guys and gals…I may get a little cloudy on dates, names, events, but believe me I know you and it’s real. You are very real to me and I respect and love you all. But nothing could have prepared me for that outpouring of love yesterday. For those who don’t believe me, just go to my Facebook page, start at the beginning and work yourself back. Incredible. And I don’t take it lightly….and I sense you wish I’d shut up and I will soon.

I did get some emails, so thanks to Wanda and Rocky and a few phone calls (Cris from Brazil, Baltoboy Steve, and Andy B.) It was just a delightful day.

My party was awesome. Just a weird collection of people that spanned decades which proved very interesting, but it definitely worked. I’ll be writing about it and sharing videos (complements of Bettehead, Crystal who was able to attend the party.)

Anyway, thanks again, from the bottom of my heart. This is one for the vaults, one I’ll be talking about in the old folks home. Thank you for making my 54th and my life so much brighter. You just don’t know. I love you all…..

Much Love,

Mister D

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