More Pics Of Spence’s The Rose Up

I put up some photos Mr. Barry took of the show Saturday night that ya’ll might like to see. (CLICK HERE) I got confused about what songs were what so I left some things blank so I wouldn’t embarrass myself any further, but you’ll get the idea. The cast members names are up, too, but not under their photos….so sorry about that. But they were outstanding as well as the band. Maybe Spencer can name who they are. They were tight, loud, and really rocked. There were full versions of these songs done:

Whose Side Are You On – done twice in a nice “theatrical piece twist
Midnight In Memphis
Fire Down Below
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (one verse)
A full throttle Keep On Rockin’
Sold My Soul To Rock And Roll (seemed a little slowed down and sexy)
The Rose ( for theatrical effect)
Love Me With A Feeling
Stay With Me Baby
Encore: The Rose (The whole cast)

An excellent evening at the theatre. I wish you all could have been there!!!

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