I Apologize To You, The Readers

(Mister D sends a kiss from the allergy doctor’s office)

I apologize for putting Jude’s rant up yesterday, not because it exposed him in his true light, but for the negative energy it brought to the board. I appreciate everyone’s comments and emails and I will say it once again, there is no reason why there can’t be 2 or even 10 birthday fundraisers. Nobody has a claim to a fundraiser. The point is to make money, The more fundraisers the merrier. The merrier everyone is the more money is made, at least, hopefully, in this economy.

I took down the offensive post for many reasons. The main one being that it just wasn’t worth the fight. People know me well enough after 8-10 years to make up their own minds about what type of person I am. You know me….you get the good, the bad, and the middlin’. I try to be as truthful with you as I possibly can. You know so much about me, maybe even better than I know myself. So if you read that awful letter, draw your own conclusions.

I will continue to run my little fundraiser on Bootleg Betty and he can have Facebook. I would appreciate you taking the poll to let me know if you are going to participate in my fundraiser since I have no way of knowing the count if I were on Facebook. That would help me out a lot. To Take The Poll CLICK HERE

The lovely Mary Russell is making a Memory Box from scratch to put all our cards and letters in and Bette’s asst. has agreed to give the box to Bette. The only thing I’m never sure of is if we will hear anything back from Bette. But it’s nice to know that she will read our cards and letters and know that we donated to her favorite charity.

Don’t forget to follow the instructions perfectly or else our checks won’t get counted or put in the box. I’ve put directions up already and I may go into greater detail as the start date nears. So start saving up so that you can give as much as you can. This is a big birthday for Miss M this year….64 so we need to make it special….For Directions CLICK HERE

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, and hopefully I can answer them, but everything is already set up and ready to go starting Oct 1 thru Nov 28th.

Much love,

Mister D

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9 thoughts on “I Apologize To You, The Readers

  1. Hey Don–

    Bette not 65 until December 1, 2010. Do you really want to prematurely age her another year?!?! It’s great you’re doing the fundraiser for NYRP.

  2. 65th birthday????? WTF? Honest to God, I thought she is was still 63..well, I thought my mom was a year younger too. I think is some kind of unconscious denial…LOL!

    Ok, so it`s 65 and 25th anniversary? My, my,parties all the way till 2010! LOL!

  3. My my my. Mr. Don, apologozong for being human — don’t do that again.

    Really a person can take only so much ( and you know I have a looooong memory so I know the truth of it all. And I thought you were overly mild — but thenI do have Scottish blood coursing through my veins)

    love ya Don


    1. Thanks Miss Jane. Actually I don’t think I even defended myself which I probably should have, but his letter made him look like a fool….

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