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9 thoughts on “More Pix

  1. Love the orange pants on Mayor Bloomberg! Very chic…Bette always never ceases to amaze…Thanx for the pics, D!!!

  2. Hello dear Mister D….
    In the pic with Mcenroe…she say:: I´m sex symbol…lol
    OMG..She never ceases to amaze me, I love it. I love it! Always I fall in love of her! It is so enchanting that could eat it to Bette with chocolate and strawberries. literally. I think sone so gay!lol. Great pictures..I love every. Thanks Mister Divine.. =)
    love,a lot hugs and kisses!

  3. Thank you so much Don!
    Was so looking forward to this! Never know what to expect from Bette.
    Hihi liked Whoopï: I’m jewish i go where i want”.
    Boy does she “lookes good”.Doesn’t need fotoshops she really was talking the truth when she says the legs are real
    From a grateful DD, Love Linda.

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