Video: Bette Sings The Rose On “Strictly….”

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18 thoughts on “Video: Bette Sings The Rose On “Strictly….”

  1. O my goodness, was it just me or was Bette looking especially good in this video! I love her hair like that and what she was wearing looked so pretty on her. Great job Bette!! : )

  2. I want to find the other part of this, but, no luck. Maybe it’ll be up in full tomorrow or later tonight? I don’t know.

  3. The other part of this video is on youtube because one of my friends on fb posted it. I don’t remember who though. :s lol

  4. I sat in suspense waiting for Bette to come on Strictly and when she did I cried. Bette looked beautiful and her performance was flawless. This really did make me cry. Love you Bette <3

  5. She sounds great…I`m so glad my favorite perform manages to sound even better as she gets older. Honest to God, it`s not because I adore her, but as performers grow older, they seem to gradually lose their enthusiasm…when they actually don`t manage to just give a rat`s ass and not work on their skills anymore, you know? Bette is always changing and not for a moment you feel she has lost the joy for performing.

    I think I`ve only felt this way about her and Dusty Springfield. Even great ones seem to lose the joy after so long…but Dusty looked so young when she was performing even when she was singing with Pet Shopt Boys. LOL! and NO, I still haven`t seen Bette live. I guess I never will. But it doesn`t matter. The effect has been great anyways…so we better work on the records of live performances, eh? LOL!

    And where are the tapes of that 1972 performance at the Palace, Barry Manilow???? LOL!

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