Bette And The Queen (Thanks Orry!)

Hi Mr D,

I just wanted to let you & all the Bette Heads know about Bette & The Royal Variety Show this evening.

Well it was an amazing evening of great entertainment & Bette was the Headline act as Peter Kay said & she didn’t disappoint!!!

She came on with a gorgeous purple dress much like the Green/Brown one she wore at the end of Diva Las Vegas but with tassells on the arms & her hair up and she looked stunning as always and she looked so slim.

There was Purple drapes/curtains behind her & a projection of stars in the centre back & then she introduced Jake Shimabukuro who played “In My Life” on the Ukulele and it was gorgeous & Bette sang it perfect too but looked at Jake throughout & genuinely seemed in awe of his playing of the instrument.

Then she told a very funny story of looking at pictures of the queens coronation when she was a child in the 50s when her parents dropped her & her Sisters off at the Library every Saturday & how she had performed in front of many a Queen throughout her career & how she cant believe that she is now performing for a real queen!!!

Then she sang Wind Beneath my Wings & me & my Divine Mum held hands & cried, she got an amazing res ponce & round of applause & I’m not 100 percent sure but I think she left the stage without a bow, but she very funnily skipped off the stage like a very happy child.

Everyone was wanting her to do more & I also think as the headline act she should have been aloud to but who knows what goes on behind the scenes & how long everyone has. Then after the show everyone lined up to meet the Queen & when she got to Bette EVERYONE cheered for her & that was very touching and also showed Bette how much we adore and love her in the UK.

I was beside myself and I really cant remember every detail but she did herself proud and my god she looked beautiful.
Thanks & I hope this was helpful and look out for the clips on you tube after 16th December when the show is broadcast in the UK Many

Thanks, Orry Main

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