A tid-bette of Bette on The One Show

Mister D: There’s a minute of white noise at the beginning, but this will have to do until we get a better version……

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8 thoughts on “A tid-bette of Bette on The One Show

  1. LOL! What a cute and polite way to say that OF COURSE the judges had heard Susan Boyle sing before the show! You gotta love her…that`s my girl…:-)

  2. Bette inspired a “thread” over on the Susan-Boyle.com forum fan club. Interesting discussion about Bette’s comments and about Bette herself. As for religious- based people who bought Susan Boyle’s album– that’s not me!

  3. Hello, Dolls.

    I cannot wait to see the rest of this interview. There is precious little that I would “correct”, but I would venture to say that the producers of these “IDOL” type shows set the judges up in such a manner that they are not aware if the person auditioning will be a God or a gimp. I (perhaps incorrectly) believe that even these judges were honestly shocked…(even if just for good television.) I have no reason to believe that the powers-that-be (production and judges alike) were less than surprised. I know of what I speak as I was part of a reality television show myself.

    As far as the USA/UK debate on whether or not American performers “worry” over whether or not UK audiences take hold of their act…I think Bette might have been better served by saying, “Some of us do care, and the result has been very gratifying” or something of the such. (I mean, the Limeys LOVE HER!) I guess that I was hoping she would be a little more of a Goodwill Ambassador-type with such a loaded question, but she certainly didn’t screw it up in the slightest.

    The bottom line is this: American performers DO care about their UK counterparts’ reaction to an American act. Who the hell WOULD NOT? Sure, the NUMBER$$$ are not the same, but the heart is all still there. Isn’t it really supposed to be that way?

    Well, it will be for ME!

    Bette is currently experiencing a sudden UK career resurgence (while still headlining in Vegas!!!)

    I’m just happy for all parties involved.

    I hope that you are all well and are donning your gay apparel! Seasons greetings and best wishes to my “other” family.

    I adore you!

    Kindest regards,

    The Divine Grace

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