Photos Of Bette Waiting, Performing, And Meeting The Queen (Thanks Nicola)

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4 thoughts on “Photos Of Bette Waiting, Performing, And Meeting The Queen (Thanks Nicola)

  1. LOL! I thought Bette finally had the perfect opportunity to ask Quennie here where she gets those hats! LOL! Where is the hat? LOL!

  2. your very welcome. Finally home from blackpool. I’m a little disappointed i didn’t catch a glimpse of Bette but it was an experience i wouldn’t change and at least i tried. A very surreal experience which ended up with my friend and i being interviewed by the bbc news. God i wished i had put more make up on that day! Lol. After that we had photographers coming up to us asking if we were the scottish bette midler fans and taking pictures. Very weird! We pretty much had given up hope after 6 hours, then my friend had an idea and produced a letter that she had written about me to give to bette, which she wouldn’t let me read. I cried lol such a lovely gesture. She went and found a guy who was working with the artists who was about to go speak with bette’s people and swore he would pass it on. He came out later to tell us that he had given it to bette’s team and they had told him that they would give it to her in the afternoon. That gave us a new lease of life and we stayed until just before the queen arrived when we realised that nothing was going to come of it. No idea if she got the letter or not but it added a bit of hope and excitement and def kept us going for a few hours longer. Even the security men were excited after we got the letter in. Lol. Anyway didn’t mean to write such a long comment lol hope i haven’t bored you. Been on the bus home for the last 6 hours so i think it’s def time for bed. X

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