Mister D Corrections And Stuff…

Mister D:

  • The other day I posted I would be attending Bette’s last concert….that part is true, but I got my sections mixed up. I will be in Section 5 Front Orchestra, Row DD, Seats, 505 and 506. Sorry for the confusion. I will be there for 3 days, so if you recognize me, please feel free to say hello. I would love to meet you all. I’ll be there the 29th thru the 1st of Feb, staying at Caesar’s Palace under the name of Shermer or Bradshaw….of course I won’t be in my room all day but I’ll be around.
  • The other good news is that the fundraiser is over and I won’t have to beg you anymore for money. Although with the number of readers I have we could have raised tens of thousands of dollars but I understand now about some of the idiosyncrasies and variables you have to work with….like a sluggish economy, a system not international friendly, the Smug Mutha factor, people who’d rather give to their own charities, and people who just don’t like me for one reason or another….bollocks to them! 🙂 But I am happy to report that we raised a healthy $3,835.00 which is nothing to sneeze at….so thanks to those who participated. Since I extended the fundraiser for a week, Bette missed getting the memory box in time for her birthday, so she will have to wait until she gets back from London. I hope I didn’t screw things up by doing that….but I had to to let a few international fans get their cards in. Anyway, I’ll keep close tabs on it and make sure she gets it. I was promised this would happen. Thanks again to all who participated….
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12 thoughts on “Mister D Corrections And Stuff…

  1. Quick question about the donations: if we sent in checks, should we not expect to see those cashed until Bette views the cards? I am a little worried that my card did not arrive since my check hasn’t cleared the bank yet.

  2. Hey Don,
    We are 2 rows behind you same section similar seat numbers. Still havent gotten airline/hotel reservations yet. Will do soon…..See you there!

  3. Yay, glad to hear at least that much was sent in. Isn’t it funny how even though you know you mailed it to the right address, you still wonder if it got there?? Anyway, way to go everyone!

  4. Awww. I just saw the new George Clooney film UP IN THE AIR….and I just have to say I am so glad I contributed to Bette’s fave project!
    Don, keep on keeping on you are so on target!

  5. thanks mr. d, do you know if mine made it (under my married name Sharna Debnam)??

    thanks for all your hard work with that, didnt mind at all she didnt get in time for her bday, it will be a lovely suprise for her when she gets back from London!

    love sharn xo

    1. It sure did Sharna and thank you so much…..also Mark, thank you, too. I always know I can depend on you. I’ll have to check that movie out…..

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