Sharon Redd tribute in Daeida Magazine (out now)

Mister D: I get emails. so I share them with you. This may be of interest to fellow Harlette fans like myself.

Hi Mr. Bradshaw,

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that the in-depth tribute to SHARON REDD is in the latest issue of Daeida Magazine and contains all exclusive essays, interviews and quotes with:

Ula Hedwig, Charlo Crossley-Fortier, Penny Ford (Sharon’s sister), Mrs. Katie Perry (Sharon’s mother), Marvin Schlacter (founder of Prelude Records, Sharon’s solo label), David Rubinson (producer of The Harlettes album), David Lasley and Allee Willis.

Thank you.

David Ybarra, Editor
Daeida Magazine
Los Angeles, CA

You can buy this magazine off the shelfs or view it online at:

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