Bargain Bette (Thanks Kathy)

Mister D: As Bette nears the end of her Vegas run, start looking for some good deals in the Bette Boutique, according to Bettehead Kathy!

Hi Don,
I just got back from Vegas Thurs evening (I booked that trip with a friend before I found out about Bette’s last show being Jan 31…so now I’m going back again the end of January!). I had to go check out the Bette/Cher store to see if any of the Bette merchandise is on sale. Well her merchandise has been relegated to a corner of the store pretty much. Maybe it’s because Cher’s show was going on at the time instead of Bette’s. I don’t know if they regularly do that or not (make it more Cher’s store when she’s there).

Anyway, I thought you might want to share with the Betteheads some of the bargains I saw. Not everything is on sale, but quite a bit is. Some examples are: the Bette recyclable bag is 1/2 price down from $10 to $4.95, postcards are now 50 cents down from $1, the Bathhouse Betty merchandise is 25% off, a Showgirl Must Go On fleece jacket is 25% off at $51, the Giclee autographed prints are down to $75 (those were $200 or more I believe!), Bette programs are $5 and $20, alot of the keychains that were $12 are now $4.95, Showgirl Must Go On baseball caps are now $14.95 and Bettehead tees are now $33.75. I’ve attached a picture of the Bettehead tee (one is sidewise…attached it first and didn’t know how to get rid of it) and one of the other tees on sale. I think that tee was on sale for $69 so it’s not the one mentioned in the sign for $39 if I remember correctly). It’s nice to find Bette stuff on sale but it’s so sad knowing it’s all coming to an end…and soon….sigh……. Anyway, I just wanted to share the info with fellow Betteheads.

I read that you are not in Front Orchestra 4 , 4th row after all but in Front Orchestra 5 instead. Oh well…I’ll stop by and say hi before the show starts! I’d like to get a picture with you at some point though and you can’t take cameras inside the colosseum. You are sort of a celebrity yourself you know!

See you in January!


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