The Royal Variety Performance – Lady Gaga And Bette Exchange Kisses (Thanks Nicola)

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3 thoughts on “The Royal Variety Performance – Lady Gaga And Bette Exchange Kisses (Thanks Nicola)

  1. Wow, they said that Bette was the HEADLINING act in the variety performance. That means that England thinks she is better than Whoopi and Lady gaga. I mean of course I know she is better than the two of them but I am surprised the UK does too. I guess there is a reason Bette does so many UK shows and hardly any US shows, they appreciate her more.

  2. Anyway, it’s the way it should be: The Divine One as the headliner and introduced in the end just before the host. Lady Gaga is a new bee to headline for the Queen of England and Whoopi is a great talent; but only Bette is DIVINE.

    “Sister Act” seems to be a blast. The fabulous Alan Menken wrote the music for it. Do you, guys, remember that originally the film was a project for Miss M? She was the one who didn’t accept it. She’s divine, but she’s not perfect. Even in the opening number you have two former Harlettes!

    Please, what did Whoopi do?

  3. I love how they said that Bette was the Headlining act, as it should be and as i was waiting to see Bette, still waiting, still waiting and then she and the host came out together, it was a truly divine moment 🙂 and notice how the queen talked to Bette longer than anyone else, they even cut off part of it!! Yay for the Divine one!!!

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