What’s my Line? Sophie Tucker (Thanks Albert)

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9 thoughts on “What’s my Line? Sophie Tucker (Thanks Albert)

  1. I love watching what’s my line on youtube. I love the class of these old time game shows. Not like today where most game show people just take off their clothes and eat bugs… which I enjoy watching also. lol And the set up of this show is like “What’s my job” in “Isn’t She Great.”

  2. I think it’s time for a old-school reunion:
    You, me, Ray, Albert…. It’s been too long ;-(
    Happy New Year fellas!!

  3. Philly’s Miss M, you are correct, it would be great to have a reunion. That was a great time we had in NY back in…could it have been 1999??! How time flies when I’m getting old.
    Happy New Year’s to you ALL!

  4. Albert,
    The last time we saw each other was NYC, Hulaween 2005. Bette’s 60th & NYRP’s 10th.
    Time does fly when you’re having fun (or getting old!).
    Where the hell is Ray?? Let’s get him in on our littl reunion idea – maybe NYC for the spring picnic!!

  5. OMG Jamie! I really have a mental block! I forgot about Hulaween in 2005. How could I?? Ray is doing great, we really should get together again, maybe next Hulaween.
    I have great pics of that Hulaween. Sting was so cool he even posed for me, as did Sophie. Such fun!

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