Rumor Alert: Another New Movie? “Sweet Baby Jesus”

IMDB, not always reliable, has Bette listed in a movie entitled, “Sweet Baby Jesus,” to be released November 2012. Of course I’m trying to get confirmation on this.

The synopsis goes like this:

A pregnant girl named Mary goes back to Bethlehem Maryland at Christmas time, Her older boy friend Joe is not the father of the child. Soon, rumors swirl that the birth is Jesus second coming.

Others said to be in the movie are Melanie Griffith and Lily Tomlin….

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4 thoughts on “Rumor Alert: Another New Movie? “Sweet Baby Jesus”

  1. To me it sounds exactly like The Thorn….but remember Imbd had Bette starring with Tim Allen and Britney Spears in some stupid movie for years as well. They are almost NEVER accurate

  2. Let’s all go to church, light a candle and pray that this is not true! enough with the trash!… wasn’t the women, drowing mona and stepford bad enough?
    I’m disappointed with the choices (and the offers?); so much talent and not more quality… what about something dark for a change? something different. a role that does for Bette what Pulp Fiction did for Travolta -or One Hour Photo did for Robin Williams.
    So many young singers and perfomers treasure her: there most be some young directors who feel the same…

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