Hackers: Bad News and Good News

Just recently my files were hacked into from all of my sites with all my rare recordings and images deleted from over 9 years of collecting online. I have been battling these creeps for years and I really thought they had won this time. I was very close to saying goodbye to Bootleg Betty because I didn’t think I had the willpower to start all over.

Well, as luck would have it, my very talented partner and my new roomie, Max, are both technical whizzes and were able to recover everything, but it has been a long and tedious process. Please bear with me during this next month as I try to pull my royal shit together and get things organized and labeled again. This means the music sections and the animations may be delayed for awhile, but that’s better than everything being lost. I’m very sorry this had to happen and I’m even more sorry that there are such malicious people out there with nothing better to do than destroy one’ s hard work. In this case, one’s shared work.

So please be patient. I have tons of unmarked images and music files to go through and identify, plus trying to keep this old machine of a girl, BLB going at the same time. Thanks in advance for your support.

Love, Mister D

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12 thoughts on “Hackers: Bad News and Good News

  1. Don– sorry the hackers got your files, but delighted you recovered them. Please know how much we appreciate your site and visit it every day. Thanks for all your efforts. Don’t let the bullies win!

    1. Thanks so much for the support Shelly. They haven’t won and never will. This happened a week ago and I’m going strong. It will just slow down some things for awhile. If everybody can be patient with the music we’ll all be fine….Love, D

  2. Hey, Don. So sorry that this happened to you! I am glad that you recovered your files and that the hackers didn’t win. Like others have said, please know that your hard work and dedication is GREATLY appreciated! I look forward to my daily BLB fix. 🙂 This is an AMESOME site and you are an amazing person to keep this site going for the fans. You have my support.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much AA….all this support helps me want to keep going on. Really appreciate you writing in…Don

  3. I enjoy you site soo much.Good luck with it all.Don’t understand why people are such jerks and so things like that.

  4. Mr.D, Thank Goodness You And Your Friend Where Able To Recover Your Files, I Would Cry If You Had To Take It Down All Cuz Of Them Disturbing Bulies, They Must Be Jealous That You And BLB Are So Successful That They Would Feel The Need To Try And Take It All Away From You And Us, Way To Keep On Moving Forword, That’s The Mr.D I Know, Never Let Them Keep You Down!! You GO!! I Love And Care For You ALOT Mr.D And I ALWAYS Will 🙂

  5. Mister D. Though I have been familiar with your site and would look on it periodically – I have to say – I have really been missing out on all of the great Bette updates all these many years. You have the most well documented, timely site that is dedicated to all things of the Divine Ms. M. that any true BetteHeads should or would ever need. Keep up the good work and the best way to beat these jerks as to keep existing! Good for you!!! Kudos to you and your friend for keeping the faith. Julie (aka Divine “01) Keller

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