Will Write More About This Later….

Gave Bette Sussman and Shayna Steele a big hug from all the Betteheads….saw them backstage. Gave Miss M a big one for all of you too….story comes later….maybe the photo depending on what I look like.

Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku and Julie Gold (writer, From A Distance) were in the audience last night. In my row were Glenn Close and the legendary Mitzi Gaynor….

I was Miss M’s last guest….

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4 thoughts on “Will Write More About This Later….

  1. Good for you Unka DOn. Wow. I absolutely love Mitzi she is one of the original show girls. She still puts on a pretty good set ( and what legs). Anyway glad you got to have a fabulous time

  2. Again, Congrats Mr.D, I SO Can’t Wait To Read All About Your Experience…But I Will, Love Ya Mr.D 🙂

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