Old Showgirl Interview

Wendy Poo sent this in. It’s an old radio interview with Bette talking to co-hosts Lori and Loo about her Vegas show. You’ll need to install the Windows Media plug-in. Also when you get to this page just click on the More Interviews With Lori and Loo, then scroll down till you see the Bette Showgirl Logo….then press Listen! Get It! Got It! Good! Click Here Be forewarned that the DJ is sort of an asshole….

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4 thoughts on “Old Showgirl Interview

  1. haha she said that she can’t believe how some people have $1,000 tickets, and then she had the smug later lol kinda funny, but like she said, she does put the money on the stage! and yeah definetly an ass!

  2. He always is! You should hear how he talks to the women who does the morning show with him! I can’t stand to listen to him, but its a realy good station, so I put up with him.
    Glad you all like it =]

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