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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will Bette Guest On “Glee?”

Glee’s Jessalyn Gilsig Wants Bette Midler to Guest Star
February 26, 2010

With all the celebs flocking to the set of Glee for their guest spots, one of the show’s stars, Jessalyn Gilsig, says there’s one icon she’d love to see join the cast for a little song and dance.

“Bette Midler should be on the show,” said Gilsig, who plays Terri Schuester, at the Costume Design Guild Awards Thursday. “I’d want her to be my aunt or something. You can imagine Bette Midler as a kid. She must have been one of these Glee kids. She must have been so misunderstood and struggled so much, but she’s driven the same way Rachel is driven. I think she would be a good fit.” Read More

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Joan Rivers Prayed For Gay Grandson…. :-)

JIVING WITH JOAN: Before hitting the red carpet for the Oscars, Joan Rivers plays the Paramount in Aurora on Thursday. As she told me this week, her jokes continue to be culled from current affairs. Bringing up Tiger Woods’ wife Elin, Joan calls her ”the Conan O’Brien of famous cheaters’ wives. Like Conan, she can walk away with millions!”

Talking about her grandson Cooper, 9, Joan jokingly said she worried ”he’s too butch. … I was praying for a gay grandson. Without one, who’s going to sit by my rocking chair and listen to me talk about how I knew Cher and Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler? Read More

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BetteBack: Newsweek Sep 27, 1993

A Little Night Music With Bette
By Jerry Adler | NEWSWEEK
From the magazine issue dated Sep 27, 1993

IN 1964, SUSAN SONTAG, WHOSE IDEAS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR appreciating the intellectual context of Radio City Music Hall, described camp as “a private code among small urban cliques”–NYU grad students, for instance, crowding the revival houses to laugh themselves silly over “Dark Victory.” What Sontag could not have foreseen was how that elite sensibility would someday sweep the nation. just a few years later a young Honolulu-born chanteuse named Bette Midler would wow the connoisseurs of outrageousness at New York’s gay bathhouses. And now, a decade since her last tour, she’s back on stage, leading a chorus line of mermaids in motorized wheelchairs flipping their tails to “New York, New York.” Last month she played Washington–the city that, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is virtually the last bastion of literal-mindedness left in the world. Last week she opened in New York, and by the time her “Experience the Divine” tour leaves on Oct. 23, the cognoscenti who are in on the joke will have filled the 5,874 seats of Radio City 30 times over (the longest stretch of sold-out shows in Radio City history)–and then headed home, happily buckled into their Volvos, to the sophisticated precincts of Long Island, New Jersey, or, in my case, Brooklyn. Read More

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