Joan Rivers Prayed For Gay Grandson…. :-)

JIVING WITH JOAN: Before hitting the red carpet for the Oscars, Joan Rivers plays the Paramount in Aurora on Thursday. As she told me this week, her jokes continue to be culled from current affairs. Bringing up Tiger Woods’ wife Elin, Joan calls her ”the Conan O’Brien of famous cheaters’ wives. Like Conan, she can walk away with millions!”

Talking about her grandson Cooper, 9, Joan jokingly said she worried ”he’s too butch. … I was praying for a gay grandson. Without one, who’s going to sit by my rocking chair and listen to me talk about how I knew Cher and Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler?

”Cooper hasn’t a clue who they are. He’s all about the Mets!”

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