Wikipedia: Totally False Information…

“More recently, Midler reportedly confirmed that she will be releasing a new album of love songs entitled Leavin’ Las Vegas in 2010. (citation needed) In October of 2009, at her annual Halloween Ball, she spoke about the track saying that it would be a track accompanied by a ukelele, written and composed for her by Julie Gold, who had also contributed “From A Distance” to Midler’s repertoire. The title was derived from the only song Bette knew as a young singer.

On her new album, Bette has recorded a duet with Barry Manilow called ‘The Show must begin’, a duet with Gladys Knight, and Estelle on the track ‘I freak 2’. Gladys joined Bette on stage in Las Vegas for her last show in 2010, where they talked about their duet.”

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