Stephen C. Steps Out On “Big Business” Night

Hi Don!

I went to the “Big Business” movie night in Chelsea yesterday. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in quite some time. First of all, they showed the film as part of the “Chelsea Classics” where they’re also showing films like “9 to 5“, “The Poseidon Adventure“, “Showgirls“, etc.

The movie was hosted by a wonderful drag queen and it had prizes (free popcorn and theatre tickets) but the best thing… before the film began, they showed vintage clips of Bette and Lily. For Lily, they showed some old interview of hers talking about her characters and for Bette, they showed the opening of “Ol Red Hair is Back” where Bette comes out of a clam singing “Oklahoma”… the crowd loved it! They were laughing and gave the biggest applause when the clip was done. It was awesome seeing that on the big screen!

As for the movie, everyone seemed to enjoy it. People were quoting along with the movie, laughing and applauding during random times (after Bette’s song and Lily’s “wearing my Tuesday panties” line were just a couple of places). It was a great night and we’re planning on going back for more of the classics… hopefully more Bette films will be on the line-up!

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3 thoughts on “Stephen C. Steps Out On “Big Business” Night

  1. My guess is that was Hedda Lettuce. She’s known for hosting the Chelsea Cinema events and I think still does a showing of “Mommie, Dearest” sometimes. How fun! Jealous. I ALWAYS say the Tuesday panties line.

  2. It wasn’t Hedda Lettuce but yes, she does usually host. It was hosted by, and for the life of me i can’t remember her name, but she was a poised, soft spoken 50’s housewife sorta drag queen… very funny.

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