Thank You!

I haven’t really spoken to ya’ll heart to heart in a while, so I thought I’d say a few words of gratitude. Thank you so much for sticking with me (BLB) through thick and thin…it really means a lot to me. These are the lean times, when Bette’s not doing that much and yet here you all are everyday as if she’s doing something new. It really warms the cockles of my huge heart.

I want to thank especially those that make comments and participate in the polls…even the negative Nancy’s….you’re still participating….lalalalalalalalalala….and you can’t take that away from me….LOL Anyway, it’s during these lean times that I want to throw in the towel, but you have made that decision a non-reality for good. I don’t think I could ever do that as long as one person was reading….even if it was just me.

So this is a big “Thank You” for reading, participating, and keeping Bootleg Betty going strong for so many years. Believe me when I tell you, without you, I am nothing.

Love, Mister D

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66 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Don, you really deserve the applause. You fill our days with humour and Bette news… what else could we ask for? I can’t think of anyone else who could provide such a valuable service. You deserve every success, and we as Bette’s loyalist of fans, owe you soooooo much! So never contemplate throwing in the towel. We here for the long-haul 😀 x

  2. Mr.D All Of Us Who Come Here Too Bootlegbetty LOVE YOU!!! SO Very Much, Your Love For Us And The Divine Miss M Is SO GRAND!!! Miss M Knows How Much You Love Her And I Know She DEFINITELY!!! Appreciate You And LOVES!!! What You Do With BLB, I Can’t Wait To Hopfuly Meet You Someday Don, Our Dear Sweet Mr.D, We All Love You Always 🙂

  3. Don, as Bette sang, “you do what nobody else can do,” and you do it so well. You know we rely and depend on you for ALL Bette related info. There is simply no other place to go, not even Bette’s official site, if it really even is ever updated, who knows? You are IT! Thank you.

  4. No…Thank YOU! I’m glad you are not throwing in the towel! This is the only place I know that will have the latest Bette info for me. Other fansites just get there info from here it seems.

  5. I have to thank you! I love this site and I love it that you give us all the news about our lovely Bette even if she is not doing something new right now!
    She deserves the break 🙂
    Keep up the great work.

    Lots of love from Germany

  6. Mr D, I log on every day to see what you’ve found to tell us, and I really enjoy all the stuff you put on the site for us all. Don’t ever think we wouldn’t stick with you! And while I’m at it, you’re welcome in our home whenever you’re in the Yuk! love, John

  7. I absolutely love this site and so appreciate the time, care, and effort you put into it. Thanks for everything!


  8. Don-
    This site is just necessary, you are necessary. Without this site the day would be much longer, the sky will be less blue and the cheer would not be as loud. You provide a very valuable service. From my perspective, most of my friends and family are tired of my Bette discussions, comments, thoughts, etc. However, this site provides an outlet to let me see what others are saying about the one who is so fricken talented. You should not be thanking us, we should be thanking you. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. You are the wind beneath our wings, well he is! Even if Bette is not doing “much” it is nice to know that a place exists where you can talk to others who want her to do more. And I thank you for providing that space.

    Warm Regards-

    1. Jill…thanks so much for those kind words, but I want to thank you, too. Ya’ll help me just as much as I supposedly help you all. You made me feel very good….thanks again…Love, Don

  9. Big thanks to you babe! this is a big JOB. And I need to say thank you and Congratulations! for me this place is like a santuary because in México is hard found things of Bette, so here have many things that I love! i have my movies my cds…but I need enter in BOOTLEGBETTY because is my blood, my oxygen lol. I love BOOTLEGBETTY and I love you Mister D!! God Bless from México!! xoxoxo

  10. i’m soooo glad you’re here! this is the only site i go to for bette news because it has such a dedicated webmaster. thanks for not throwing in the towel 😉
    sequins, feathers, and love,

  11. Hmmm Don, you know we need you.
    You’re the glue that keeps us Bette heads together, and more than that.


  12. I think that we…or at least Me is the one that must say THANK YOU! Because you know that thank you to your devoted work in this site i´m able to read Bette´s news…and also have been hable to met her. So Don keep on going that we are going to be here with you, from all around the world.
    Thank you!!

  13. Our obsession with Bette wouldn’t be half of what it is if it wasn’t for you and Bootlegbetty! I check this site multiple times a day to see what’s going on. It brings me peace… so for that, THANK YOU!

  14. I come on here every day!!! You’re freaking amazing for what you’ve done with this site. Thank you for asking Bette’s people the silly questions I have. I love this site and you!

  15. Don, you are wrong. without YOU , we would know nothing! Thank YOU!! I am proud to say I have been reading since you first started. And I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to get to know you some and become , not just your devoted follower, but devoted friend. And my birthday is coming up… I will never forget the call a couple of years ago, LOL. 😉 Love it and you mister!! Thank you!!

    1. Andy, You always make me feel so special…always have for years….here’s hoping you have an exceptional birthday….love you!!!

  16. Awwwwwww Mr. D I must say, only 65% of my purpose to come on this site is for Bette the other 35% is fr me to see hOw my best friends ive never met are doing. I lve all the betteheads but especially you mr. D 🙂 and I am on blb atleast 3 times a day.

    1. Well thank you Rissa Roo…I love saying that. You make my heart feel extra special. Glad you’re here….

  17. Awwwwwww Mr. D I must say, only 65% of my purpose to come on this site is for Bette the other 35% is fr me to see hOw my best friends ive never met are doing. I lve all the betteheads but especially you mr. D 🙂 and I am on blb atleast 3 times a day. And all my friends have been on here atleast once and I just say mr d and they all know who you are! And I wouldn’t know nearly as much about Bette and I would’ve never gone to see tsmgo and I wouldn’t be meeting her in 38 days if it wasn’t for you so all the thanks belongs to you and every web adress leads back to you 🙂

  18. Glad to be here mr d and you and my aunt are the only ones that I let call me rissa roo so you should feel very special 🙂

  19. Thank U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I check this site everyday I don’t know what I would do without my daily dosage of Bette lol

  20. Don-

    You are the real deal! Bright wise AND Funny what else can I ask for in a site!!! I wish you many more years of success and fun. BTW do you know of Jimmy James? His videos are all over youtube. Famous for his Marilyn–he does a great Bette and a tremendous Cher–he might be a fun guy to interview.

    1. Thanks Linda….and I love your music!!! Jimmy’s name sounds very familiar…I’ll look him up…..

  21. OMG i cant not cry when i watch steel magnolias!! i hated norma rae but i do like sally field in steel magnolias. I love in Bette’s tv series what she says about norma rae, she didn’t sing, she didn’t die, i doed singing!! and everytime i watch anything with sally field, even that soap opera shes in, i allways hear Bette say that phrase 🙂

  22. Dude, What is this crazy talk! Your scaring me Myrna! I check the site every single day on my lunch hr., faned Facebook, and have developed a correspondence, and friendship with you through this site & Bette, and BLB is the only site on Bette on the Net as far as I’m concerned, NEVER give up, you have way too many loyal fans….As Bette says, “I’m not retiring, and u can’t make me….” Heed the advise guy, buck up, and accept the love….;)

    1. I didn’t mean to freak people out….it’s just hard during the lean times to know if you’re remotely even entertaining or not. I’ve pretty much agreed with myself never to retire, but it sure does feel good to receive all this love. Thank you so much Dave….

  23. Cut the crap, right now! You know we can`t leave without you. Plus, there is plenty of stuff for Bette fans to do! We have to maintain the legacy, spread the news and always remind people who REALLY was the performer who was a watershed in the American Pop scenario!
    Your brazilian bombshell

    1. OH NO!!!! Not the Brazilian Bombshell!!!!! I promise I’ll never say it again!!! Just don’t hurt me!!! LOL Love you, Don

  24. Hey, Don: I’m w/ Cris: “Cut the crap” already! hehehe ….and with everyone else prior….BLB is fantastic! What YOU have done for us is huge! You’ve come a long way since Lancaster. Maybe we should be thanking your mom!!!! (“Thanks, Katie, for hauling your son to NYC to see Bette so long ago!”) [am I right?] I’ve been listening to many videos just now and I wouldn’t have gone searching. But I didn’t HAVE to! It’s all here on BLB!!! Thanks tons, Don!

    1. LOL Susan…my mother will love you forever for giving her credit!!!!! You’re right though….she probably planted the little seed in my head, but I’ll never tell….thank you and love you much. You’ve been such a friend over the years,,,,,

  25. Everyone else has already said everything I would have said. So I say “ditto”! Love you Mr. D and BootlegBetty!

    1. Thank you Kathy!!! BTW….I had a dream about you the other night where we just talked….very interesting. I have no idea what it meant and I can’t remember what we talked about…just thought I’d let you know….

  26. That’s cool that you were thinking about me even if it was in a dream!! Who knows why we dream what we dream…wish you could remember what it was we were talking about!! Maybe it just means that someday you and I will meet up again! If you’re ever in Denver let me know! And someday I do hope to go to Bette’s Spring Picnic and/or Hulaween so maybe I’ll see you there!

  27. Don, you have intriduced me to so many wonderful people through your passion here. You have given me a wonderful support network and given me opportunities I truly appreciate. I would never have met The Divine Miss M if not for you..and she never would have held something I made. I value the friendship you and I have developed over the years. I think I need your work here more in the lean times to take me back to memories and give smiles over and over again.

    1. This is why I’m giving thanks….look at all the wonderful people I have met through here including you Miss Mary. You are so special to me words can’t describe. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me…..Love, Don

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