Spring Break Update: Okay I’m Dizzy!

I just heard back from the powers that be and the NYRP Spring Picnic is back on schedule at Fort Washington…so don’t go changing your plans if you were thinking about it. I would just stay put.

In other news, it is highly unlikely that Bette will take the part in the movie, “Sweet Baby Jesus.” Stay tuned, however, just in case….

Your ever-loving,

Mister D

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5 thoughts on “Spring Break Update: Okay I’m Dizzy!

  1. Hey I just looked on nyrp and saw that the picnic will be at night! That kinda sucks. I hope I can still go. : /

  2. I also don’t think it sounds like a great project; and I so want to see her in something good again!
    On the other hand, the movie’s cinematographer Ueli Steiger (Swiss) said in a recent interview with a Swiss newspaper that his next project was a quirky, very funny Christmas-comedy starring Bette Midler. He said filming is scheduled to begin in late August in Italy. I assume he should know…

    1. I got my info from Bette’s people….so I don’t know how this is going to play out….as of now it doesn’t seem like a sure thing…

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