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10 thoughts on “Video: To Deserve You

  1. I don’t get why she uses rock, paper, scissors. Is the rock supposed to be her and the paper God? She is beautiful in this video tho. 🙂

    1. To tell you the truth, I never got any of that….maybe you could ask around what others think…..good question…

  2. This has been my favorite song of hers ever since I saw that racist Kramer dude introduce her at the VH-1 Honors (which subsequently became VH-1 Diva’s Live the next year.)

    And the hair in this video is off the chain. I had a wig similar to this once (it took me eight solid hours of meticulous barrel-curling)and I think it’s about time to drag that look back out. Hands down my favorite Bette Midler video.

    @ Amanda, she mentioned in interviews that this song was about God (in a round about way) but to get her full take on it, look at her interview on YouTube with Ruby Wax. The whole interview is a riot (especially if you love AbFab like I do…Ruby was a writer!)

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