“7 Days Left: I’m not going to stop emailing…”

Mister D: All right…OUR DIVA…she’s getting up at 7:00 AM, traded in her high heels and boas for sneakers and jeans, and now she’s literally spamming us with emails daily to join her in the walk with Oprah…so what I’m saying is..don’t piss her off. Either register to walk or DONATE what you can (I think the minimum is 10.00). You can do it.


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2 thoughts on ““7 Days Left: I’m not going to stop emailing…”

  1. what if we don’t want her to stop e-mailing us 🙂 and i would love to walk with bette and oprah but my mom wont take me to nyc every weekend lol so ill try to squeeze some $$ out of her to donate 🙂

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