Harlettes Sing In Bette’s Birthday 2009 Guess Who They Are? (Thanks Hales)

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11 thoughts on “Harlettes Sing In Bette’s Birthday 2009 Guess Who They Are? (Thanks Hales)

    1. The only one I’m not sure about is Ula…something doesn’t look right, but I could be wrong. The other 3 I totally agree with… xxoo

    1. Okay…Ula is usually at all the Bette events…she just looks so different there to me. But I’ll take your word for it…

  1. The second one, I’d say is DEFINITELY Peg Bundy, I mean Katey. It’s sounds strange but I’m looking at the high cheek bone in the first person that makes me almost sure it’s Ula. It just looks like a really young version of Ula.

  2. That would be Ula Hedwig, Katie Segal, Linda “I sued and won” Hart & Jenifer “from St Louis” Lewis. Love them all!

  3. without looking at the other comment my answer is:L-R Ula Hedwig, Katey Segal (guess) Linda Hart and Jennifer Lewis (guess) i know i got linda and Ula im hoping i guessed right on the others…

  4. OMG i was right :)!!!!!! k that just made my day, but it won’t overshadow tomorrow when i expierence the best day of my life, with the Divine!!!

  5. Yes, I agree. It’s definately Ula, Katey, Linda and Jennifer. Hey, does anyone know if the Harlette, Nicholette Hart, in Bette’s Kiss My Brass Tour was Linda Harts daughter. She looked just like Linda.

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